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Beautiful yarn. Beautiful kitty! (they all like that fleshy part of your hand...) I woulda thought you had more animals!


Hey, Milo's great - but I *like* looking at your yarn! It's so pretty!


Such a cute little face!


Milo is getting so big! Pretty yarn too.

Spinning Fishwife

Maybe you should dye a Milo-coloured yarn?


Nice yarn!What do you dye with? I am going to try my hand at dyeing soon.
Excellent Milo picture...just HAD to stop in for a Milo fix---see, Milo has groupies! LOL!


Aw....Milo is just too cute!


I got some of your yarn on the destash site from another knitter and LOVE it so I bought the 'faded jeans' and it's so nice. I'll be checking in for more in the future! beautiful colors.

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