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Oh dear -- you are cruising down the long slippery slope now, you crazy shepherdess you. Congrats! I would love to have a few of those cuties in my yard. (btw -- what about pygora goats?? hmmm?)


Yay, sheepies! :) Baby turkeys? I am not sure I have ever seen a baby turkey before. Double yay!


Sheep, more goats, piggies, various birdies, dogs, cat, family, spinning, dyeing, and house related matters...Yikes, you nut...I'am arranging time to visit in September, I'll bring the bagles, and figure out what we want to cook...Eugenia will be comming too, Yeah two chefs in the kitchen for your pleasure...call me soon, early mornings are best, even if I'm groggy...xoJill


Those locks are gorgeous! The would make beautiful locks on a scarf or wristers. Or doll hair, Santa beards.

I haven't spun Border Leicester, but I have spun from the lock. I would flick them open and spin them from the butt end. I like to line up a bunch of locks on my leg or an adjacent chair so I can get into the groove for a while. Opinions very on this so do what you like.

Congratulations on the new critters. Fiber bearing critters too. I am so jealous!


My my my, you have been a busy girl.


Dyeing and spinning is more fun than messing around with the computer, anyway!


Oh those sheep are wonderful and that blue dye "job" is gorgeous, I can hardly wait to see what comes of it...get spinning girl! in your "spare time"....


Hooray for Rose! I hope some of those eggs hatch or you're going to be in the market for some baby turkeys....

The sheep are adorable. I always used to love petting the sheep at the county fair. Maybe one day when I get an acreage. Yeah, right, who am I kidding? Anyway--is your daughter in 4-H? There's a ton of 4-H projects at your place just waiting for the county fair!

Your yarn looks gorgeous, but I'm on a yarn diet. :(


Actually your wether looks a lot like a Shropshire. The Hampshires tend to be redder in the face and legs while the Shrops are blacker. The Shrops also have a longer more roman nose.

When I spun Cotswold, I flicked them and spun from the cut end. It worked really well.


Hooray for the sheep! I've managed to get fleeces through friend-of-a-friend, but nobody's offered me a sheep yet... I keep hoping!
I've only spun locks once so far, and it was mohair not wool - but I liked working from the butt end too.


I've already got your new yarn in Ravelry - don't worry! Your yarn will be organized, even if your stash isn't. =)

Little Miss Curious

Those sheep are so cute! Maybe a little leave-in conditioner would do the trick for an easier spinning experience. I'm not a spinner, but my hair looks a little like the female leicester (undyed) on a humid summer day. I recommend the Aveda Be Curly line. It works wonders for me.


Was I not reading a year (or more) ago, where you said you live on a farm but you're not farmers? No animals. No more before the last 3 or 4 sheep? heh We're ALL suckers when comes to sweet faces and everyone seems to settle in so nicely. And you got a test spin (no pun intended) on your new sheepies! I like nylon content, but that's just me. I'm saving up btw, I finally made some socks!


Someday, can lil Robby and I come visit? I think you need the cutest baby in the blogosphere to come and spice things up, because it looks like you guys don't have enough exciting stuff going on :D Besides, your house seems like it would be the coolest house ever to grow up in, like Little House on the Prairie with toilets and refrigerators!


I only have limited experience here, but I have a sweater made of border leicester (a berocco sample!) that I really like. It is not itchy and is wearing very well. Your colors are great!


I can see how that would be tempting! Welcome, sheep!


That is a very nice zoo you have going there. And no, I'm not in any way, shape, or form, jealous. Much.

donna lee

The blue/purple colors you dyed the soon-to-be yarn is so beautiful. It's soft but clear and should make for some lovely knitting.


Congratulations on your soon-to-be new additions. You are so living my dream, I can't seem to get my husband to move to Vermont (says it's too cold) but someday i'll have sheep. I did recently run into a friend who just bought three new lambs, so we'll keep raising sheep vicariously, my children and all. My guess is the llama's next.


You have sheep!! That is so. cool. I can just imagine the sheep house that is being planned for them in your husband's head... ;o)

cristina - string*THEORY

now I want to live in a small town. no one from the gym ever approaches me with such offers like this.

beautiful dye job btw.


the male sheep looks kinda like a suffolk to me, but whose to say. We used to have some "Heinz 57" blend type sheep, and their fleece was the most amazing of all!
that hullabalo color is absolutely amazing! must have me some as soon as the dust settles around here.


How fun!!! Border leicester is wonderful with a little kid mohair tossed in :-)


yes, I would just flick open the B.L. And I must tell you, if you ever decide to add more sheep, B.L. crossed with say, corriedale or cormo or well, maybe anything, adds something really incredable to the fleece. In the cross fleeces I've seen, it lends its length more importantly it's fantastic satiny luster to whatever it is crossed with. Congrats. And the new yarns are beautiful.


BEEEEEEEEAAAUTIFUL! Love the sheep, love the wool, love, love, love.
I'm a big fan of the longwool breeds. Great luster. I love a shiny yarn. Great for socks because they are usually very strong wools. I really need to find a way to visit you now.

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