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Your garden is looking wonderful. Have fun in Boston!


I have a deer (or two) that love my peas and beans. So far they have left the tomatoes strictly alone.
Have a great time!


Your garden is looking amazing, I saw this book on Amazon that made me think of you and your family and your menagerie of animals. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0060852550/1n9867a-20
When I saw that I got a rockin girl blogger I got SO excited this morning! It totally made my day, and Robby's too :) Thanks Jessie! This will help us get through days of top teeth coming through... it's been rough around here lately, no one is getting much sleep :P


Happy Birthday to your son and I hope you have a great trip. The chicken family is priceless. That carrot is huge. Did the goats get sick from eating the tomato plants and/or green tomatoes?


Ooh, I think my daughter would like that art mystery book!
And those peas make my mouth water. ;)


Sounds like you've been busy. The heat and rain are great for the garden, but suck for almost everything else. Especially knitting. Happy B'day to stepson and have a blast in Boston.


Hooray for your garden! It seems to be plentiful :)

Good luck to the stepson...Boston sounds like fun! (Good knitting shops, I hear :)


I hear you on the tomato plants. I'm one person in my house and I planted 9 tomato plants! Two are cherry, four are misc./staggered blossoming plants and three are non- red tomato plants. All heirloom plants.. should be interesting come August. Not to mention the several cucumber plants that are starging to form tiny cukes. I forsee some canning in my future!

Little Miss Curious

Is that a carrot you're holding or...? Sounds like you're going to have a winter with lots of tomato sauce. I have never done any canning, but I was thinking I would give it a whirl this August. Maybe I should host New England Knitting bloggers "can your veggies and knit" party...Fiber/Harvest swap opportunity. I hear these a lot of down time with all that simmering and stuff. Perfect opportunity to get some on-hold summer knitting done.


Now I'm hungry for fresh food! Yum! The chicks are getting so big, they have a great mommy. I forgot about goats eating everything including your food! Bad goaties! Have a great weekend!


Hard to believe that our (in ME) snow peas are past yours! We don't get that much sun on our garden...but our carrots are just little hair-like wisps in the ground. Wow-you have a BIG tent! We are used to camping in backpacking tents, so it looks like you were hanging out in the lap o luxury!


The chicks are so pretty! So many different colors.

OOH. Please dye me some sock yarn inspired by the chicks! I have sock yarn money to burn.... :)


Homegrown peas, yum! The chickies are looking so adorable with their adolescent scraggliness. :) Have fun in Boston!


The garden looks fantastic!


Thanks for tagging me! You rock! :o)


Garden goodies look delish. Dang those goats for wolfing the organic stuff. Murphy's Law intact. You better stock up on canning supplies for those tomatoes. ;-p

I'm 3 repeats away from completing Gothic Leaf, had to put out an SOS for a ball of hemp to complete it. I will be so happy to have thos one over with.

Hot & hazy down this end of the state too.

Dorothy B

Happy Birthday to your stepson!

Your garden is looking great and the chicks are cute! Poor Genevieve. She's going to wind up like a little Italian Nonna. Small, but don't mess with her or her babies.

Glad one of the peahens came back.


House bunny! I want one. Except...the cats would be very puzzled.

And...thanks! *blush*

Now...how do i pick just 5 cool bloggers? you really wanted to spread the stress around, didn't ya? lol


Oooh, that milo is very cute! Are you going to keep him as a barn kitty? Neutered? House cat? LOVELY sunflower pics. And kind of funny about the bear, but kind of scary too.

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