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I love Ravelry

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Wow - the pigs are getting big. And I love that little red chick - what a pretty color.


If you've got 150 things to do, don't get started on Ravelry! Nothing else will get done, heed my words ;)


great pics and animal updates -- PLEASE tell me you saved those peacock feathers! Be careful of RAvelry -- MAJOR time sucker...way too fun.


I love that bug!


Are you doing anything with the peacock feathers?


Very cool bug! Are you collecting the peacock feathers for ... basketweaveing or something? BTW, I like your fence thingy in the flowerbed -- kind of looks like a headboard. :-)


Good thing the peacocks can't see themselves in a mirror. I like to wonder about the people who used old items too, and nameless people in photos and daguerrotypes in antiques stores.


I think it IS a very flattering bum shot, I mean, after all... Cool stick insect, cool sole too! We live on a .25 ac lot in town, and we find all kinds of odd things in the yard, I think different folks just dumped some stuff behind the barn, on the bank. We found the porches buried out back, a horse tooth (likely from the horse that was reputedly buried just outside the barn door), loads of little toys, and odd metal things. All the stuff you'd expect (but not in the 'city'-Augusta).


as always--such fantastic pics!

i love the old shoe sole, too.

and rigatoni keep-away--really, any kind of pasta, rice, french fries, stale potato chips or fritos--is a favorite around here! it's so funny that the chicks manage to keep squawking so loudly with their mouths full, all the while running around like mad.


I love that the stick insect started "waving in the wind" to try to fool you. :) I've never seen one in real life. They look amazing! (Though if I did I may just freak...I too have a huge bug phobia...)
The piggies are adorable (I love Sally's tail! Doe sit actually curl?) and so are the chicks. It's so interesting to hear that chickens play!
I think the sole is very cool. Makes me wonder what the shoe on top looked like. :)


Jessie, if you like washcloths, check out Marie's at http://smariek.blogspot.com/search/label/Free%20Patterns

They are all based on lace patterns and the patterns are free.

My Golden is molting too. I am exhausted by the hair everywhere. But I am bagging it all up to be spun some day.


I've been on Ravelry for a while but haven't done my profile either. You know, one more thing on the list. Ack. I suppose once I do it good times will roll but I haven't decided the effort is worth it. Plus I can't say I'm knitting much these days. Anyhow.

I love that sole. I'd keep it. I, too, wonder about the wearer. I'm always like that with old things.

Look at those fat, tasty piggies!


I love the stick insect! Too cool!

Yes, do be careful of Ravelry. It will suck you in and make you a bad blogger. Ask me how I know. But, when you do get sucked in (resistance is futile), I am Maia. Ah, the joys of an unusual name.

I was just adding some yarn to my Ravelry stash and noticed that your yarns are already in the database!

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