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The goats look like a hoot to have around. As a kid I ate it raw and sorta, kinda liked it...but you're so right. Why is it rhubarb-strawberry pies are so popular? Can't we just have the strawberries?


I'm not a fan of rhubarb and I'm not afraid to admit it. :-)


Well, so far no angry comments on my blog from the Americans for Rhubarb Association (AFRA)for admitting that rhubarb taste like s--t, but I'll give it a day or too. A friendly co-worker offered me some rhubarb-blueberry stew item the other day and, as she was handing it to me, noted that I may require an emergency trip to the bathroom if I ate too much. Yumm! Do I need to make reservations for the pease porridge and hardtack feast?


My grandmother used to grow rhubarb and raspberries right here in the back yard of the hosue I live in. I have great memories of harvesting the goodies for her as a child. She used to make raspberry-rhubard pies with it. Delicious! The tart rhubarb cut the cloying sweetness of the berries. Ages ago I found a great Martha Stewart recipe for rhubarb crumble. It required lots of sugar as I recall.

Bravo on the Gothic Leaf! I have 3 repeats done in hemp. Thanks for your help in deciphering that crazy row.

I am a sucker for your goats.


I love rhubarb. Love it. In pies. In jam - I pay six bucks a jar for it, and get antsy when the jar is close to empty. And yes, I used to eat it the stalks straight from the yard when I was a kid. I was just asking the other day how I could get hold of a plant for my own yard. So there.
Love the pictures of the farm!


Umm. I don't mean to take up more room, but, I was just reading my post and the 'so there' made it seem angry. It's not supposed to be. I was just like 'No way! Oh my gosh! I love that stuff.' I love to check your blog every week. You post beautiful pictures. And I'll still read it even though you're mean to rhubarb.


Put me on the rhubarb-loving side. It doesn't grow well down here, so every once in a while I buy it at the grocery store. Not often, though, because my husband hates it. His parents bring me their homemade rhubarb sauce when they visit, though, and I get it all to myself!

I'm glad the shawl's back on track.


I am firmly in the hate rhubarb, never going to grow it, and don't have any fond childhood memories of it category. I say if you like it, great. That way I can eat cherry pie or triple berry crisp and we're all happy. The goats are great! I've been thinking about lace a lot lately, but I've been holding off since I still have Butterfly to finish. Sigh. Your stole is gorgeous so far.


I think I've only had rhubarb ONCE in all my life, as a child, during the period of my life when my mom was a real hippie, and she fed us only from the meat she and dad raised, and from our huge organic garden (she got older, decided she hated gardening, and now could kill a plant by looking at it.. but thats another story)
In any case, I don't even remember what rhubarb pie tastes like. Or maybe it was crisp that I had? And I've never been inclined to actually buy it and make something myself.
Great article Jesse.. I love it! And the Gothic Leaf is coming along nicely as well!


Okay, I have to confess here. I just love strawberry rhubarb pie. The rhubarb's tang must be what is needed to keep a strawberry pie from being too sweet, since I don't like strawberry pie.
Never had a crisp though.
And the thought of rhubarb in any other use ... well.... never crossed my mind. But I love me a strawberry-rhubarb pie!


Funny about the rhubarb! Ours grew over the septic tank, and we all know what's in THERE. So it wasn't until I was 16 that I tasted Grammy's strawberry-rhubarb pie...mmm-hmmm yummy. Then I went away forever soonafter. But it was surely all that sugar, and the strawberries that made it taste so good. Love your daughter's red boots!


Add me in the staunchly anti-rhubarb camp. When I was a kid, my aunt had a rubarb patch that ate the backyard, so she tried to dig it up. Next year, still no backyard. My cousins and I tried to help "harvest" the offender so we could actually play in said backyard, and ended up having a rhubarb fight! Whacking the bejesus out of each other with red stalks was kinda fun. Of course, the yard looked like a rhubarb crisp factory exploded!


I have very fond memories of eating rhubarb from the garden, just freshly plucked out of the ground. I think I would still like it if I could find some.


I feel I must stand up and be counted as a true Rhubarb Lover!
In sauce, crisp, pie and most especially Cake! My favorite cake of all time is a traditional Fresh rhubarb cake and I will eat it above any other cake even chocolate cake! (Leave a comment on my blog if you want the recipe!)I wait all year for rhubarb and even freeze it so as not to run out over the winter. and Yes I am a Vermont girl born and raised so this is due in some part to tradition! Thanks for the great pictures and thought provoking column.


You know what? You are absolutely correct! At every home I've lived in I've planted rhubarb and then faithfully harvested, cubed and frozen it for winter use. But some spring I always have freezer-burned bags of slime which need to be thrown out. Now that I think about it, the topping was always my favorite part. Maybe this year at our new home I'll forego the traditional planting and end this tradition in our family!


I often wonder too why people started eating certain foods, and how many died sampling the wrong plants. You have to think twice before eating something that is palatable only when disguised by something good which masks the taste.
Love the goats!


I love Rhubarb. Spring does not officially arrive until the first bite of rhubarb cake. My MIL hated it until she had a taste of mine, and now will travel 3 hours for a bite! With or sans ice cream, it is delish!


I had never heard of rhubarb anything much less eaten any until I met my husband. We went to visit his parents in Indiana and his mother made rhubarb pie. She gave me the recipe. I guess anything would be good if you covered it with a pound of sugar and vanilla ice cream! Love the goat pictures!!


Damn, you are good


Cute goats! I totally agree about the rhubarb ;o)


I hate rhubarb! In any form. But my dad likes his pie and rhubarb sauce. You find any in my garden. ; P


Rhubarb just tastes like rhubarb! We used to eat the stalks raw when we were kids. Now I like it in cake, pie, crisps, and Nigella Lawson's Rhubarb Schnapps is lovely and oh, so pretty!

Susan B

Love it. Currently trying to grow it in my own garden!

Rhubarb fool is the summer dessert that I literally DREAM of......................

I'm actually thrilled to hear that there are people who don't like the taste of rhubarb - because that means there's more for me!!!!!


This is one time I'm glad I'm a city girl ;) The goats look like they've made themselves right at home!


Your flowers are beautiful!

My roommate made some strawberry-rhubarb crumble the other day and it was so bad that I think it has turned me off of rhubarb for the whole summer...I have no opinion on rhubarb, good or bad. Meh.


Dear Editor,
Who is this Jessie Raymond and why is she dissing the food of the gods? I for one cannot get my fill of rhubarb when it is in season. Crisps, crumbles, pies, warm chunky syrups that I eat over french vanilla ice creme (and I hate ice creme). My Mom and I used to fight over the part of the rhubarb pie that bubbled over and became a sticky mess on the baking sheet. You can leave bags of rhubarb at my front door and ring the doorbell anytime.

Your faithful reader,


I'm in the love rhubarb camp. As a kid I used to eat it raw, usually I would dunk the stalk in some sugar first, though. I love the sour/sweet contrast of rhubarb in baked goods. Unfortunately, living in the city, I'd have to buy it if I want some and it seems wrong to buy rhubarb when it grows like weeds.


Put a check for me in the love it camp. It usually gets munched raw and only when the kids beg does it get made into rhubarb crisp. But then again, I also prefer asparagus raw. I have also been know to eat raw corn. And peas. But then again, who wouldn't prefer raw peas?

Love the goat pictures. Are they generally such a friendly animal or did you just get lucky?

lynne s of Oz

Heh. The goats seem to be having fun!
I love rhubarb. I love the sourness. Yeah it needs lots of sugar but they make a great pair.


I'm one of those rhubarb lovers....as a kid I used to love chewing on it with a shaker of salt...LOL. Strawberry rhubarb pie....yum!

Nancy C

I, for one, love rhubarb. It has a wonderful place in my heart going back to my childhood. I seem to have a thing for sour/tart fruits as I absolutely love gooseberry jam and pie. Yea, you have to add a bit of sugar to cut down the sourness but I tend to like it a bit more sour than most.

I was looking at the rhubarb at the Home Depot yesterday and debating getting some. I think I might after I get my next paycheck. I may even convince my daughter that is isn't so bad. =)


hehe Even though I'm a rhubarb LOVER... ate the stalks raw as a child - ate every possible rhubarb concoction known to man as I was growing up.... I just got kind of sick to my stomach while reading your article and thinking of the sour taste. heh

Love the goats - I'm catching up slowly. Having two kids of my own (ha) I know what it's like to have a curious active one or two trying to touch the camera while you're taking their pictures!! It's really hard getting them to pose. Why aren't they more like alpaca, huh???


Oh Jessie, I LOVE rhubarb, last year I served it my husbands Japanese co-workers, we had to go online and find them a picture of it as they had no idea what it was, apparently it doesn't exist in Japan. They liked it and requested I make them more.


Make sure your hardtack has a healthy population of weevils. Protein, you know!


You crack me up!!
I love anything with that much sugar and your goats are just precious.
I totally dig the grass/dirt clod present. You can tell by the goats face that it is a big deal to him!

Madame Purl

Oh gosh... how I hate the taste of rhubarb. Ick. Of course my mother never sugared anything enough. Rotten teeth or something she used to say. Regardless. Yuck.


and rhubarb has the added bonus of looking just like brains when it sprouts in the spring. woo-hoo!

there was a really funny TV commercial a few years back. it's set in a diner. 2 young guys sit at the counter and ask what kind of pie they have. the waitress answers, with a bored look, "Cherry and rhubarb."

The guys look puzzled. The brave one asks her, "What's rhubarb?"

And with a perfectly dead-pan delivery, as if talking to the really stupid or really ignorant, the waitress slowly says to him, "It's a plant."

I don't know, I thought it was really funny b/c that about sums up my feelings on rhubarb.

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