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I may be crazy, but I like the Bunny guts roving. It's bright and exciting and exactly what we need now that the weather has decided it must still be winter in most of the country.


Ooohhhh, I love the experiment. I can't wait to see the results. Typically, bright dyed roving tend to make the best handspun.


Can't wait to see what you create! Enjoy your weekend and may spring arrive soon!


Beautiful roving - not that I know a thing about spinning - and I like the description of it as Easter Bunny guts :o) Does the Easter Bunny hide the eggs in the snow in Vermont? Thanks also for the David Sedaris link. I really enjoy his writing as well. Have a good weekend.


Bunny Guts looks awesome! Honestly, I love it.


Eeeeewwww, Bunny Guts! Ha,ha,ha. :) I can't wait to see what it becomes. . . Sorry to hear about more snow. I was really hoping Spring was on its way.


I have been trying very hard not to buy some of your wool for ages, because I Really Don't Need More Yarn, but I have finally cracked and bought some O Frabjous Day. I can't wait to see it in the 'flesh'. And thanks very much for the Sedaris link too: I haven't come across any of his stuff for a while and I'm very pleased to learn that he's still in France with Hugh.


Don't forget, we hand spinners have the option to Navajo ply to avoid that "muddiness" of the colors. Bright is good :)

Lee Ann

Dude, that's not bunny guts. That's Dead Teddy Bears. Trust me. Ply it with something solid and you'll get rainbow wonderfulness that you can knit in Fair Isle with a totally solid background.

What flashback?


It kills ticks, Is what I keep repeating over and over to myself, in the never ending Polly Anna game we North Easterners have to play this time of year. Think Positive thoughts like Wow or Zowie! Not Bunny Guts, over what will be beautiful product. Polly Anna, she is my muse these dark spring days...


Can't wait to see how the plying experiment works out. :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Briana- Horse Hound Knit Spin

What a beautiful winter photo. I'm sure you're sick of the cold and snow, but it's such a pretty place to live.


Can't wait to see that spun! It always looks so different spun, bunny guts ~snort~


EB innards!! That's a hoot! I can perfectly see that! What I'm currently spinning looks very much like that. I was going to ply it onto itself but may now choose a solid.


At least the view was pretty. But I know what you mean. We had the same sort of thing the other day, and the next day.
I'm interested in seeing spun bunny guts. For some reason I fond my self wondering what it would look like strung on a tennis racket.


Lee Ann a Dead head? Heee! It does look like the teddy bear bumper sticker! Great riot of color!

lynne s of Oz

Ohh bunny guts! They are very bright and chirpy - sounds like *exactly* what you need at the moment....


Oops someone forgot to tell you that magenta/fushia overstaturates and takes over. Sorry. But I bet Bunny Guts is going to spin up fun! Have you also checked out what Lynne Vogel is up to on her blog at http://www.handspuncentral.blogspot.com/?


Oh I like the Bunny Guts, can't wait to see what it becomes when spun. Sorry you have more snow, we finally have some sunshine.

Dorothy B

We are finally getting some sun and promise of warmth and you are getting nailed with winter. I hope it goes fast for you and spring comes soon. I hear you on the wintered out feelings. Although that is a beautiful picture.

I can't wait to see how your rovings work out. I kind of like the brightness of the Bunny Guts one. Although I think that would be more for Girly than for me.


Bunny guts - very descriptive ;o) Much better than my own 'clown poop'. I bet yours turns out prettier, too :o)

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