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If you have Sensational Knitted Socks, there is a feather and fan sock in that pattern book and of course there are the charts for making it fit whatever size foot you are making socks for! Everyone really should have that pattern book. My daughters dyed some similar yarn last year on spring break and I'll be making their next pair of socks with that pattern for the very reason you're looking for a F&F pattern. Have fun at the wrestling meet and good luck to the boy! :)


If you don't have the book let me know her foot measurement (circumference) and I can email the instructions quickly. It's an easy pattern and worth a try if you don't find anything else!


Jesse, let me know if you want some pattern-aid. I've reduced several patterns to fit my Neatnik. Some patterns and yarns work much better than others, of course.

Love the chickens in snow picture.


Not too shabby at all - they will be fun colors to knit with, pooling or no.

There is nothing better than getting a mill shipment back, is there?


The girls will look back on these snow days with fondness.

Love the roosters going to visit. They look like they should be taking a pie with them.


There is the chevron pattern I used for my "Free Socks". It has yarnovers which could be knit closed (like make 1s) and look much like jaywalkers.

I give the pattern stitch here:


My link got cut off. :-/

It is the post from February 14th.

The artistes' colorways are lovely. I maintain that these children have talent that must be harnessed!


Very cool kids. I can't help with sock patterns, but I can admire all the dying! The chicken shot is great! There's a post for you-Chicken Shot-I must be giddy cause it's Friday. Hope we get to see your niece's hat when it's done!


I love the chickens in the snow pic! And the two new colorways are to die for. (well not actually that drastic but you know what I mean)

Dorothy B

Wendy Knits has some really good sock patterns on her site. They are in her sidebar under her Knitting and Spinning Gallery category.

The girls did a really good job with their yarns. They are both very pretty.

The birds look like the Welcoming Wagon in it's way to a new neighbour's house.


"broadripple" from an old issue of Knitty.com is a neat pattern. You can find it in the archives. Not sure how easy it would be to size down, because I haven't looked at it in a while. Your chickens look a bit braver than ours.


your daughter is growing up!
happiness is a posting with yarn and poultry.


The girls did a wonderful job with their yarn. And I think that's the best chicken picture yet.


Your girls are so adorable. Looks like they inherited Mom's/ Auntie's talent for dyeing yarn!


Lot's of good suggestions above, what about Jaywalkers? If you pull a repeat out of the smallest size, it might fit (I don't have a 7 year old handy to make the comparision...) They run so snug anyway...


Love those dyed yarns! So good to see young folks enjoying the fiber arts.


Well now that I slipped, I'll have to get some real Vermonter from you. I have a bonus coming on Wednesday so why the heck not?!


I hope the fiber artiste bug keeps its hold on the girls. Love the strolling chickens.


What talented kids! I'd snap up those colours if I saw them in a store!

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