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I love the roving. Lucky kitty. Have a great weekend and I LOVE MY SILK!!!!


You are such a temptress....la, la, la....I'm not listening! Enjoy your weekend away. Hope it's warmer where you're headed!


If the roving can be spun, I say kitty loses. No doubt about it.

Speaking of roving, the sample arrived yesterday. Luscious! I plan to spin it up tonight.

3-ply sport weight blend. I'll be watching and waiting.


I see Dr. Zhivago and Lara every time you post a window frost photo! Damn our Anderson windows! The yarn was cool too, and I am encouraged about a big batch of Targhee that I have that I thought was felted...maybe not!


Shipping is continually a major problem for everyone! Good luck - maybe someday you'll find something closer.


Ah, more window shots. I come here for those. I just love them. Very soothing when I'm all sweaty!


Lots of nice fiber. It's very hard to look at all of that and know I'll never have time to spin. :( Stay warm. Oh, I thought you didn't do the housework thing? Great job!


The roving looks fabulous. I'm slowing backing away from the keyboard . . .


Your handspun really looks great. I love those purples.


Sorry, Jess, but I'm tagging you. Check my blog tomorrow (when the post goes up) for another meme attack from me.
I AM linking to you a few times to make up for it though....

Dorothy B

One more month until I can reload the Paypal account. Those rovings are beautiful.

I love your frost pictures. So pretty. It gets too cold and dry here for pretty patterns like that.


That alpaca looks lovley! I think it's so difficult to spin pure alpaca, but you seem to be doing a great job. And a good thing that roving wasn't felted - the colours are gorgeous!


The roving you spun up? I'm sitting here and trying not to drool...


Pretty spinning!


WHEW! I'm caught up on you! Lotsa reading, lotsa news, lotsa pictures! I need a nap now. heh

Sorry about the poultry going to the foxes... love the frost feathers on the windows. When I was little (growing up in Michigan) I LOVED getting to see the frost on our bathroom window.

The rovings are beautiful and your fiber blends for the custom yarn are so awesome! How great that you're able to do that kind of stuff (or get it done... you know what I mean).


Time. (the short answer as to why somebody can look at all that fiber-and touch it at any opportunity that arises-and not be a spinner). Yet. Your roving/yarn is beautiful.

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