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Poor chickens! Poor Daisy! I hope you get some new hens fast.


So sorry to hear about the chickens. It's sad but it's a fact of life, I suppose. The roving is gorgeous. What will you be charging for it undyed?


I'm so sorry about the chickens. A trade-off moving to the new house. So much more space and wildlife. Still, your attitude is good. Love your handspun. It's lovely. What are you going to do with it? Also, the roving is so pretty.


Poor chickies! Life on the farm can be disturbing. New chicks in the spring will be a must!
I'd love some undyed roving...hmmm, how much do I want..hmmm.


Oh and your Navajo plying looks great...I need to practice.

Bea Apple

Beautiful spinning! Ican't wait to close on our house so I can buy some of your yarn! Lord knows I need ANOTHER project. Poor chickens, maybe your dog is scared of foxes?


The yarn is gorgeous. I'm sorry about the chickens, but I'm glad you can be philosophical about it. I'd be a big baby!


Sorry for the losses. I know that there is a cycle of life, but it isn't fair to lose animals that you raise and love. I hope you get some lovely new chickens. I think the fiber and yarns are great. I can't get enough of spinning lately. Spinning is the only thing that is keeping me sane lately.


On no, not the chickens! (Which one is the gorgeous buff one?) Man, stupid circle of life and nature and all that!
That Navajo plying is fantastically gorgeous. So is that roving.


Oh no, Janet didn't make it? ...sob... she was my favorite...


I'm really starting to hate foxes! And I'm considering buying you a BB gun. Bad foxes!!


I am so sorry to hear about the chickens! What a heartbreak. I am glad that L.C. survived the attack -- it has been wonderful seeing him grow
As for the fiber -- O.M.G. I am on a steadfast yarn diet (if I can't dye it, I can't buy it), but fiber is a whole other story! Normally, I would dye it myself, but you, my dear, are the master, and i can't wait to see what you come up with!


Yikes, poor chickens! I understand having to take the attitude that they're "just chickens", but still it must have been quite a shock to find. Dang fox.


You know, I've been dreaming of having a few chickens so that I can have fresh eggs (someday when I don't live in the city) and it's tales like this that make me think again. I don't know if I could take it. I cry if we accidently run over a caterpillar.

Perhaps you need to get a canine friend for your "guard dog", you know, someone who might stay awake? Or can you get a llama? I know that sheep farmers keep them because they are mean and scare away predators. I don't know if it would work so well with chickens and foxes.

The new fiber looks so delicious I may have to buy a new spindle and try my hand at spinning again!


See? I am not the only one that thinks you should have more animals - especially mean ones to scare away sly foxes! Sorry about the hens, glad the boys and Ms. Daisy made it through. The yarn is stunning - beautiful colors.


Oh, I'm so sorry....


I am sorry about your chickens I read your blog often but am guilty of not talking. I am a chicken lover and have at least 25 at all times. Last year we had a racoon attack they killed them all! they got into my chicken house at night and got them all I was SICK. I built a fortress around all my animals after that and all are under lock and key at night. Again I am so SORRY. I enjoy your blog.


Oh, that is so sad about the chickens. But your new yarn looks fabulous, as does the roving - both dyed and undyed.


I'm glad that my namesakes short life was happy and was a pretty girl


I'm sorry to read about your chickens. Those darn foxes!

The fiber looks yummy....may just have to order myself a little Valentine present.

Amy Artisan

So sorry to hear about the chickens - but it sounds like you have the right attitude about it.

Love your spinnings - how pretty! :)

Am loving my blue hostas scarf! :)


sorry to hear about the chickens. i know it's part of the cycle of life and nature but it still must be difficult.

beautiful handspun!


Ooo I hate birdie bad news. I might make a not so good country woman after all. City people seem to need revenge, so I'd probably freeze to death laying in wait to shoot some fox. Can you spin fox? Your spinning is beautiful!


How sad! I would also mention they're "just chickens" and still I would be heartbroken.


So sorry to hear about the chickens.

Beautiful fiber!!


Poor chicken.
Your new yarn is gorgeous.


the new fiber is lovely - and so is the spinning. I think your navajo plyed yarn is luscious. Are you making an entire sweater with it? ! wow.
Poor chickens. We lost some goats to coyotes over the years. and despite the fact that this is the "natural" order of life, it was still very sad. Life on a farm can be a challenge sometimes.


Oh, poor chickens! We don't have chickens but we do have a fish pond full of very pretty fish. When I started seeing herons take away my fish, I decided to stop naming them. We do have baby fish every year, more than we can support in our little pond so I guess it is just the cycle of life balancing things out. Still, damn those foxes!

Your yarn looks beautiful! When I Navajo ply I sit forward a bit in the chair and rock back and forth while I pull the loops through. I probably looks like Ray Charles spinning, but it gives me a great rhythm and a meditative trance.

The fiber looks yummy too. I may have to try some. Does the 50% wool give the yarn some elasticity? I can't stop thinking about your proposed sport weight sock yarn. MUST. HAVE.


Yikes, that is too bad about the chickens.


Oh, I feel so badly for the loss of your chickens. I had this happen once. I got up, look out the window, there was a pasture filled with headless chickens. One baby chick was frantic all morning until another hen took him as her own and raised them all in the front yard where they roosted in a shrub. I no longer have chickens, but I miss them more than anything else from that period of my life. They might just be chickens, but they are hilarious and fun to have.

lynne s of Oz

Poor chooks!
The tops have come up well - my navajo plying looks the same but it knits up just fine! Should feel good and soft too.
I'm on an alpaca diet - it seems to make me itch so yarn with alpaca is out, as is yarn with mohair, which also makes me itch!


I am SO sorry to read about your chickens. Those foxes are bad, bad news. We have them way out back at our suburban home (but no chickens). On a more mundane note, I'd count me in for roving -- 8 oz. sounds great.


I am very sorry about the chickens, I truly am. However, the smartass in me just has to ask: Do you have 8x10 glossy photographs with a paragraph written on the back of each one? (I'm pretty sure you don't, but since you called it a massacree...I wouldn't be a true Berkshireite if I didn't ask...)

And I also must say that while your new fiber is beautiful, I am so very happy that it is filthy with Alpaca - therefore it doesn't tempt me one bit to break from my roving diet ;o)


Very sad about the chickens. But your spinning and dyeing are lovely.


Number Guy suggests a three word solution for your randy rooster problem: coq au vin!


I went out of town and missed what seems like everything. I know you said a number of things in your post, but all I can think of are the poor chickens. Hope you get some eggs soon.

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