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Wait. Did someone say fleece? Alpaca fleece?


I like the ribbing!


Jessie, I have to say, every time you post photos of your yarn for A Piece of Vt, my mouse hand strays to go to your shop and buy! This is no good for a girl who has 3 skeins of yours still to be knitted (2 are wound into balls...one might get started tonight). Also I have a brand-new, 4-day-old blog now! But you might want to wait to take a look until after the weekend, because I haven't figured out how to post photos yet....


Eve is a beauty! Wow, you need to post more often, girl, because I'm going to have to reread this long thing about four times to make sure I got everything. Hm, let's see: beautiful yarn, hooray for wrestler-son and pretty girlfriend, lovely roving, and where are the poultry?
(I think I got it all)
Oh wait, nice hat, too.


Great hat. I've been thinking about hats recently,and I think ear flaps are the way to go. Congrats to your son!

Lynn in Tucson

Jessie, I just wanted to let you know that I saw Carrie's finished Clapotis yesterday, out of the yarn you dyed for her. It's beautiful! What a treat to see your lovely colors in person!
All the best,


Holy smack that kid has some muscles! Yikes!

Too bad I don't spin - those are some really lovely fleeces!

lynne s of Oz

I can see that wrestling is veyr good for the physique. No I am not going to take it up :-)
It is likely that the stuff I sent you is polwarth, very likely. Plus it may even be hand processed. Polwarth is on par with merino for softness but has even more bounce. It was a gift to you. You can do with it as you please (I on the other hand would not use it in a felted cat bed but would spin it into something for next to the human skin softness and warmth).


That first alpaca photo is *adorable*!!!


Congrats to the boy! Love the alpacas...so cute and the hat is fabulous. Nice work.


Adorable alpaca + lovely hat + pretty yarn + celebrating boy = a great blog-read!


Great hat!! I think I owe my mom a hat with ear flaps but I have to finish her sweater first. COngrats to your step son!! I am showing restraint for the moment and not buying any yarn from you but you know that likely won't last long.


yummy alpaca,
when did the poodle clutching husband become shy?


So much going on there! Congrats on first place in wrestling! And man, do I wish I could spin. Those little faces are just too cute! Nice hat too! Gotta move north AND learn to spin.


That close-up picture is so adorable!! A whole alpacka fleece sounds lovley, you shouldn't have any problem getting rid of them :)

And that hat is really really nice! Love the colours as well as the pattern. I can see why you'd want to make more of them.

And as for the handspun kitty pi - go for it! I don't think you can "waste" handspun. You like spinning it - and it's getting used. What more can you ask for?


Can't wait until I become an accomplished enough knitter to justify my desire to learning spinning and dyeing to my DH! I'll be back for alpaca (my fav farm animal) when I get to that stage. Congrats to the boy on his win.


The Calorimetry can end up VERY huge VERY quickly, can't it? The one I made for my friend would cover a basketball-sized head quite perfectly, but other than that limited option it's simply Too Big. Once my brain was plugged in & I realized how the pattern worked, though, I gave up actually looking at the pattern and just knitted my second one until it was the right size - much more fun & less fiddly that way!

(And lucky you, your merino silk probably isn't as insanely itchy as my Paton's SWS is!)

{...scratch, scratch, scratch...}


...going to go sulk in a corner now...

(can't buy fiber 'til April 1 and am allergic to Alpaca. Life sucks for me right now.)


OH, that face!! What a wonderful face! I LOVE alpaca! Haven't worked with it yet but love the feel.


Oh, if I didn't have an entire fleece and some alpaca roving, I'd be mighty tempted. I haven't started any projects for my Holiday Headstart either. Plus, I really don't have that many ideas. Hats and socks maybe. I was also thinking of sewing some pajama pants or something. There just isn't enough time in the day.


See you tomorrow!
Black alpaca, :-)


oo-la la, what lovely fiber.
and I love the hat! Too bad your hubby was in a shy mood - perhaps you'll have to get him to pose with the pooch to get a good photo.
I just love your yarns!


I love Alpaca. It is my favorite right now to spin with and to knit with. It suits my climate and dyes up beautifully.

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