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No snow days? pooh bah. only in Vermont is right.
oh Jessie- that spinning color combo is divine! Stripes or more subtle? that all depends. Do you like wearing horizontal stripes?? (smile)
Also love the colorway The butler did it. so cool.
and isn't your sweetie nice to share.


stripes, please!
The cat photos are hilarious. Mo way would my husband share short ribs with any feline who wasn't big enough to take the ribs away from him.


Now that's just not normal cat behavior.


1. I can't believe the child isn't off school for MLK Day. I'm off, so she should be, too!

2. Stripes sound more fun, and those colors look too divine to mix together.

3. Naughty kitties are fun, aren't they. But its all fun and games until the short ribs are stolen :(

laurie d

I just think it's so funny when the cat sneaks up and has to have a smell of food and then thinks you should share!
doesn't look like DH was bothered by the whole process.
Good pictures...thanks


The cat pics are hysterical! And the sock yarns are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the pics.


love the kitty photos
and yes, mine would do exactly the same thing!
strange to see a photo of Sophie not on hubby, she is a well behaved girl.


School on MLK day? I love the colors you created with the Polwarth. Stripes, definitely stripes.


Not just Vermont. We too had school on MLK day, with an ice-storm no less. It takes armaggedon to close school in Western Michigan!


So...um...how close are you guys to the snowmobile trails again? ;o)

Your roving is beautiful - and I think stripes would be awesome!


It actually looks like winter there. I just learned how to Navajo ply today and am loving it; so I say to do that!

lynne s of Oz

Snow at last, eh? We are just plain hot here - over 100F today. Ick.
Ooh, mittens will be very nice in your lovely dyed up polwarth! Maybe even THRUMMED mittens!
One of our cats tried to eat my dinner straight off my plate the other night. Your puss is hilarious, and would not have gotten that close to my food :-)


I'd go for navajo ply, or you'd risk muddling those beautiful colours.


I vote for the random two ply. Selfish reason - I did a random two ply and haven't started my mittens from them yet. Just want to see how yours turn out first! When I was in high school in CO we didn't get snow days. The few we did were when the snow came up past the doorframes on 1960's vintage cars - where the window started, not the door sill.


Navajo! Those colors are to dye for! Electric even! My cat just started doing that stuff too. Never lowered himself to begging, he turned 10, then started acting like a dog around food. Congrats on the tournies! We know he's a winner!


We're recovering from a major ice storm where we lost our power, and yes school was closed.
Good luck to you and your weather.

I love the colors of your fiber, and I'm sure the cat will forgive you. When my cat gets mad at me she leaves hurl in my closet.

Those pictures are a riot! I can't believe he let you show those!

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