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Those socks will be gorgeous, whenever you get them finished! Now, did you see the new Holiday Headstart button, or is it behind the butter?


That article is a HOOT!!! SO TRUE!!! My husband suffers from it terribly and my oldest son, also. Love the sock yarn. Very pretty shade of blue. Can't wait to see them completed --- someday! HEY! Good things are worth waiting for. Cute pic of daughter and hubby!!!


I tell my co-workers and husband to look for something with 'female eyes'. Your column is a hoot!!
I need some RV yarn. Next payday!

Miss T

Very, very funny. I love it!


What a hoot - when I had my hysterectomy in the 90's my husband and I decided to leave the ovaries in - 'cause how else would he know where his wallet/keys/library card/passport/the pickles were!


OH OH OH!!! Is that the same colorway that I have the mohair/wool blend worsted in? (And now you are thinking, damn that's where the sock yarn that could be knit on needles larger than these lousy 1's went.) I am speed knitting thru my other socks so I can start my A Piece of Vermont socks maybe by this weekend. Love the GBB article!!


So true. We even got a new fridge (at eye level, with all glass shelves) and he still tells me we're out of X when I know for a fact X is on the middle shelf, right at the front.


Funny article! So sad but true. In my office of about 20 women, every day, at least one of us fields a "where is my wallet??" call from home. We could probably answer each others calls, because you know it's always in yesterday's pants or on the counter under the newspaper...


OMG, that was SO funny - and SO true! And the socks are fabulous - the softness comes right through the monitor.


The sock looks gorgeous! That pattern stitch is perfect for the yarn.

The pics of hubby and daughter are precious.


Oh, I definitely live with a male inflicted with GBB - he's got a bad case of it. He he..........

Love the picture of the daughter giggling! She's precious!


OMG thank you thank you for letting me know about this! My boys suffer (or rather I do) from this. Let's call it Early Onset GBB.

So true.


You are GOOD!!!Now I'll be snickering all afternoon!


The cat barf part just kills me. So. Very. True.

Love the family pic, too. Men are so dorky.


I hope you got some sort of award for that article! Good stuff.

I heart your yarns, and when you flash stuff knit with it I feel the need to drop everything I'm doing and go get some out of my stash to make something with!

Gaw, your daughter is the cutest! Just look how happy....


Bravo! You have described the GBB phenomenon to a T!


I think if the UN weapons inspectors had been female, we would have found the damn WMDs! But seriously, I think that GBB explains why my father "lost" the hat I knit for my mother for Christmas, when, in fact, it was underneath her coat on its chair, all along. A definite deficiency of the look-under-things gene. Grrrrr.

Your yarn is loverly! :-)


Ow! My tummy hurts from laughing.


Too funny. I don't usually like gender-based humor (because so many people think it is just funny to bash men these days) but I have to point out that GBB is not the only affliction that needs research. Independent analysis has revealed that there is a direct correlation between the inability to put the new roll on the spindle (in the correct orientation, if you please) and the inability to lower the seat and lid after use. Researchers have determined that there is a pair of genes on the y-chromosome that suppresses the inclination to locate and load and the inclination to lower and close. They are labeling the resulting condition L3DD: Locate, Load, and Lower Deficit Disorder.


My name has been dropped - I feel so famous now! And I so love the colorway in the top photo....drool...


Tee hee!!

And I love the photos!


Too funny and too true! :) My husband always claims it's a genetic leftover from when he was a "hunter" and we women were "gatherers". If it's not moving, he can't see it. Heh. :)


Hey Jessie, I am thinking about getting into making felted things like small dolls or whatever. Is there somewhere online where those like yourself list their websites by region? I'd love to find someone locally to save shipping, but it might be just a pipe dream...

Oh and BTW, when I looked at the comments, Christine's name is listed for my comment. My name is then below hers. Weird! Not that it matters, but I'm the one that said:

OMG thank you thank you for letting me know about this! My boys suffer (or rather I do) from this. Let's call it Early Onset GBB. So true.


Oh! DER! Nevermind me.. I am just completely off my rocker. My name is SUPPOSED to be under the comment. *blush*


Aha! That's IT! GBB must be the reason my husband and son could never find the car keys by closely examining the ceiling.

lynne s of Oz

GBB in my DH's case affects anything anywhere. Doesn't have to be hidden behind something else.
Admittedly I spent half an hour tearing the house apart looking for something that was sitting on the kitchen floor, but I hadn't been in the kitche....


Mm Hm. No truer statement has ever been made. My husband and son both have the disorder - to the same degree. My son can't find the mustard and he's nearly the only one that ever uses it. My husband - gah. JUST as you described. It never will change either - should we be glad that they're normal? Umm..... until we live in a perfect world, I guess we'll hafta keep 'em. :)


The butter doesn't even have to be "in the way." Hilarious. Thanks for the grin.

Your daughter just makes me want to laugh out loud. ; )


So funny! I swear, it was like you'd been studying the behavior of my own DH! Great column.

I'm knitting with my own Real Vermonter Sock yarn and found a nice pattern (not to hard to memorize) that knits up to a stretchy fabric. I love the halo effect also and it really adds to the softness of the yarn and fabric. I’ll post a picture in a day or two for you when I have a good portion of the foot done. The color is beautiful!

Dorothy B

Your article is hilarious!

I really like your socks and the pictures of your Mr. and daughter.


You crack me up - What a great column!! And where can we get this bottle of Eureka to try (smile)
Love that sock colorway - yummy.


A friend of the family had a husband and two teenage twin boys. I thought it was hilarious that when they said they couldn't find anything, she would ask, "Do you need me to bring my uterus over there?"


GBB - so that's what it's called. I often wondered what affliction my husband and son suffered from. But to be honest, sometimes my two teenaged daughters seem to have it. I can only hope then grow out of it. ;)

Bea Apple

I too have a husband that suffers from GBB. I had a big laugh over your article. Your daughter is so cute! Now what would be the name of the affliction that causes daddies to nibble on their children's toes? My husband suffers from that as well :D

Lee Ann

Darn good thing the toes are attached to a kid body. A toe-search drama would surely ensue if they were not.


That was hard to read aloud with a straight face, especially since my DH fell off the couch he was laughing so hard. Thank you!

The toe-eating monster is excellent.


I have more of a 'teen blindness' issue ;o)

Cute photos!!

kntting bandit

I laughed so hard at this!! Have pity on me--3 sons and a husband!! Imagine my life...the scarey part--I usually know where that belt is, or the library book. The folded up piece of paper with the tear in it? oh yeah, that's on the floor next to the washing machine. Your favorite baseball hat? Behind the couch. In the car. On your dresser. In the third drawer back right corner. I'm an enabler!! Thanks for showing the Real Vermont yarn--I have some in Chardonay and now I'm feling inspired!


I had a friend once say to her husband "look with your woman eyes, not with your man eyes"
Translated: Use your hands to move things silly.

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