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Ha! We have that same moose. He's not out this year because I ran out of places to put Christmas decorations. We even have decorations in our bathroom!

(My husband mailed you a check for yarn, did you get it yet? It went out on Monday. Now I can't look at the store until Christmas because I will be able to figure out what's missing and know what he picked out.)


I discovered weffriddles recently, and have momentarily broken the spell. Or I had, until you reminded me.
Gorgeous yarn. It's a good thing I CAN'T buy your house, or I'd buy your whole store stock too. I wouldn't be able to live down the street from all that colorful goodness. It would call to me like the Aztec gold.


I know I should have heeded (head?) your warning, but I didn't. And now instead of getting sugar cookie dough made up, I've reached level 7. Hmm, which will my family appreciate more? I think some of your yarn will be on my birthday list come March - I particularly love "76 trombones" and "peppermint." Yum. Thanks for sharing...even the Weffriddles :o)


It sounds like Dave certainly deserves those mittens! A good postman is a good thing indeed.

And your shopupdate... just wow! Amazing colours, as usual.


Ooh, alpaca top. Yum. I bought some baby alpaca roving a month or so ago, but have yet to spin it. I'm trying to finish what is currently on the bobbin (I have a bad habit of being a bit flighty), but that is next on the list. Your new yarns are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the mitts. I haven't been brave enough to click on Weffriddles, but I'm intrigued.


Weffriddles! Pah! If I tell you I'm on level 40, you'll know just how much time I've been wasting recently...

Diane E.

OK, I had to start Weffriddles, but I dragged my daughter in with me, so maybe we won't waste too much of my knitting time!


He sure is a happy looking moose!!


dave, the mailman will be totally delighted with your thoughtful gift ;-)

lynne s of Oz

Our postie doesn't get a workout from us and we don't have this mailout thing from your own letterbox here. Nope, we have to go to the post office or a mailbox.
Love the mitt. I've been knitting with some of my own dyed stuff and I am loving it too.


I'm resisting Weffriddles at all costs! I won't even peek. Must. Knit. Faster.

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