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i love L.C.


Sounds like a wonderful night out. I think that American Flatbread may be opening up around here -- in any event, I've bought their pizza at Whole Foods and it's delicious. How nice to have a totally "local" shopping night -- I think that Vermont, as a whole, is pretty "local."


My fingers are crossed!


That sounds like a perfect evening to me. Happy Anniversary!


L.C. is one cool birdie. The mitts look fabulous! Sorry about the 2nd place thing, but it could be lots worse. Best of luck with the house! Maybe Santa will surprise you! 10 minutes, under water, and the search continues for Jessie's better half...news at 11.


Sounds like a perfect evening to me! Happy Anniversary.


Those mitts ROCK! Thanks for the pattern link -- I definitely want to make them. Did Helen ever come back home?


A born romantic, your husband.
;-) Happy day - twelve years is an accomplishment!


Your night out sounds heavenly. Dale and I were able to stay home last night for a quiet and romantic dinner by the fire. It was just the thing for relaxing during this hectic season!


A latte AND a teddy bear coffee mug? What a girly-man *grin*

Happy Anniversary (a week late)- and, the 'underwater' comment sounds like something RR would say...kinda brings a tear to my eye ;o)

Oh and they're skiing at Butternut and Catamount - there are 'upfers' everyfrickenwhere down here. Doesn't that make you homesick? ;o)


lol. Great minds think alike:


The link didn't come out right. It's to my Oct 2004 archives. Almost the same photo... minus sheep jammies. :-)


Happy anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating ours today -#24- in a similar way as you. (Day off!) And he's likely to spout similar 'romantic' comments.


Since you clearly have nothing left to do, getting to shop w/ hubby and all, I'm risking our tenuous friendship by TAGGING you for Six Weird Things. No, you may not simply put up six chicken, turkey, peacock pictures and claim that you're weird because you've got all the fowl in Vermont in your backyard :-)

I'm jealous of your snow -- not a flake here where it's been in the 50's all week.


It sounds like a truly wonderful day. Finding the time to spend together during the holidays is always challenging, and yet it seems like you do it well.


American Flatbread was at the Brewers Fest this Summer on the waterfront. They were making it fresh in their traveling oven hut.. too cool and too good with all those beer samples. : )

Dorothy B

Organic pizza sounds good. No such thing around here. Not even organic cheese.

Love the fingerless mitts. I think I'll have to give them a go for the recycling guys and the garbage man. Our postal guy goes to our rural box only. There isn't a door to door postal service here. You either have a rural box in a bank of them at a central location or you have a box at the post office.


Awesome Fingerless Man Mitts! I like the way they cover more of the fingers - just made my first pair of Fetching mitts and they leave a little to be desired in that area.

So umm.... no word from Helen, huh? *snap*

Happy Anniversary! :)


wonderful mitts for the mailman!
and it sounds like a perfect "marrieds" night out to me. we do stuff like that allthe time. (aka"date night" )
sounds wonderful.


Those mitts look wonderful! I want to make Fetching for my postWoman, but she may be getting them as a new years present. I have 3 other pair to knit! L.C. certainly looks like the king of the roost. What a handsome boy!


Happy Anniversary and I love the fingerless gloves.
I hope he does too!
Happy Hollydays.


(DON"T HATE ME! SORRY!) I tagged you for a meme -- ug. See my blog if you want to do it. SORRY!!!


that sounds like a perfect anniversary :) and love the rooster pic... i might have to get me one of those!

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