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I was wondering where you went. You sound like you were very busy even without blogging. Sorry about the turkey. Foxes make nice coats by the way.


Everything is OK,
when Dad is there to carry
a tired princess home.


glad to see you back!!
~ & what beautiful pretties you have!

and you need to hollah next time you are at harwood. i'm like a 2 minute drive from there!



Love the pics of the little princess. Trick-or-Treating is HARD WORK!!!


So sorry to hear about Phyllis. But yay for the football team and your stepson!


I feel your typepad pain. I've lost more than one post. I've moved over to my own domain (stashaholic.com) and am hosting at godaddy.com...for a whole $3 a month. 80% of the features for 80% of what I was paying!

My sympathies over Phyllis.


I am so sorry about Phyllis, I really liked her. Foxes are wonderful little creatures until they eat someone you love.

Dorothy B

Check out www.grisoft.com and look for AVG Free. It's the best non-interfering anti-virus, anti-phishing program ever. Also look for ewido anti-spyware (free) and Spybot Search and Destroy anti-spyware (also free). It's always a good idea to run more than one anti-spyware since one can catch something the other may not.

My sympathies on losing Phyllis. Have you considered getting a shepherd type dog? Many are just as good with birds and as with sheep and will make short work of dispatching a fox.


Wow there's lots going on up there!
Poor Phyllis :( I had problems leaving comments on Typepad accts yesterday. It does wear one out, all the family stuff. I don't know how I did all the stuff I use to and I don't even want to. Good luck with all the events coming up & I look forward to the yarn. I'm saving my pennies for enough to make a sweater :) Have a great week!


So sorry about Phyllis. I hope it was quick for her.

I have a habit of saving my posts as drafts while I am writing them. I do tend to labor (more than I should) over them, so I consider it insurance.

Congrats to the step-son. I wish him luck for next week.

lynne s of ozl

Oh dear - poor Phyllis.
Your stepson looks like an all-American boy. :-)


I want to come and sit on your porch in a rocking chair and watch your turkeys and your peacocks and have you give me advice on how to be a good stepmom.

Because you rock.


Oh poor Phyllis, trick or treating is really hard work, it just all get too much. Nice pics of both kids.


suuuure it wasn't your fault ;o) (kidding!)

Great photos - you guys have been busy!

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