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I see you've made a reference to Elwood's 'biological father'. Do roosters have any other sort of father? Adoptive? Putative? I'm really enjoying reading about your turkeys. Perhaps you can explain something for me: I was in Massachusetts and NY one year, in May I think, and we kept seeing signs saying Turkey Check In (or something like that). We couldn't understand what they meant - can you tell me? I wondered if it was something to do with hunting, but it was the wrong time of year and the signs didn't look old.

Rachel H

Well, at least now you have an answer to that age old question...


You know how to answer Helen's question, right? Turkey hunting occurs in May so it was absolutely the right time of year. As for your turkeys, I hope they return home soon. And I love the roosting in the tree picture!


How dare those turkeys not keep up their end of the bargain ;o) I do hope they come home soon...


Always important to know that your rooster's father is a nice guy!
More turkey's, is the turkey palace big enough, or is hubby planning an extension?


I love all of your colorways. The subtle shading and rich colors are a delightful change from all the stripey yarns about.

I look forward to your posts with the poultry updates. How do you bear the turkeys wandering off? What if they run away from home and don't come back? I suppose a fence won't contain them. The can fly can't they? Oh dear, I am really showing my city-girl colors.


I think Elwood is my favorite chicken (looks-wise) so far. In a close running with the creamy beige one - what's her name?
Those yarns are soooooo yummy. Damn, if I were rich and allergy-free, I'd order up a whole batch just for me! As it is, it would take me my whole life to knit that much. (Working for a living stinks if "working" doesn't translate to "knitting and other crafts".)


Shame on you Buster & Ginnie! Get home right now! I love the shots of your hens & roosters they're quite lovely creatures!(especially Elsie) LOL! A discerning hen knows her socks...I have to get some Peridot from POV! Birthstone! Thanks for sharing!


Hey there!

You know, turkeys may be linked to a higher conciousness, which is why we can only really eat them once a year.

Elsie is fabulous! I wan't to look like her, in my next life.

I went to your latest column on your writing site (Just Say OM). If my co-workers think that I'm a bit off––your essay made me laugh out loud, which sealed the deal.

The last humorist I enjoyed was Erma Bombeck. You're an Erma for the modern age.


Love the photos and the yarn looks gorgeous! I've taken to knitting socks more of a ragwool sort of weight to keep snuggly inside the house. Any worsted weight yarn forthcoming? I knit it on 5's or 6's and they're terrific. Thanks!
Jessie in Jersey


Is it just me or does Helen always have a slightly insane gleam in her eyes? She always looks alittle on edge. Maybe that's why she's my favorite. I hope Elwood turns out to be a nice boy because as oon as you mentioned mean roosters I thought of that scene in Cold Mountain! Yikes!


Damn turkeys. I'm glad to see Helen has joined the gang and that all are doing well. I agree with Elsie/Elwood, those socks didn't look handknit, but what do I know. I am a city girl, but I do know that roosters can be mean as all get out. The suckers are intimidating, too. Love the yarn, can't.buy.any.for.a.bit. You make it so hard.

Dorothy B

I hope the turkeys come home. Once they start to wander, you never get them to stay where they are supposed to. You could try scaring the crap out of them every time they go near the road and see if that encourages them to keep their wanderings to your yard. I know that can work with some dogs.
Elwood's feathers definitly look rooster-ish. Our roosters started getting aggressive as soon as their feathers were in. Of course that may be because my Dad was one of those "farmers" who really shouldn't be.


Darn turkeys. I enjoyed seeing the roosting picture, though. I first learned about turkeys roosting in trees when we were in Yellowstone NP a few years ago. Stunned me to no end! :)


Can all of your chickens spot a sock not knit by hand?


those colors are gorgeous. makes me want to learn how to hand paint.

those turkeys are cool too...sorry they're so annoying though:)


Between the chickens (and now the turkeys too), and the sock yarn (Teaberry was SO CLOSE to being purchased...), I wanna come live at your house! :)

I've made myself a deal...once I get through at least half of the sock yarn I currently own, a skein of yours will be my first purchase.


The yarn looks yummy and my favorite is Elwood.

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