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Thanks for the eye candy! What yarn! What magnificent "birdies". Clever trick for the turkey house!
Poultry in motion ~snort~


Somehow, I missed the fact that you got peacocks! You have quite a poultry collection. Are peacocks considered poultry?

Last year, we were at the zoo, eating lunch and a peacock kept coming up to us and begging for french fries. It was literally a foot away from me. Maybe it was just mad that I was eating chicken.


Sounds like a fun lunch you have planned! Have a great time!

I love the blue/green yarn.....


Have a wonderful visit. Thanks for the pics and the horrible puns.


Ooooh, I like the green silk! So shiny! I can't wait to see the other. Feel free to out me, as the gift is for my aunt. I'm pretty sure she has never willingly turned on a computer in her life, and probably thinks a blog is what you pull out of the pipe when the sink won't drain properly. :-D
Those peacocks are funny - even in the animal world, the men won't ask for directions.
LC indeed. Heh.
Have fun with Norma and Margene!


I love the poultry pics so much. It must be the yearning for a country life coming out. Maybe I need to move to a farm in Vermont. It seems that all the cool kids hang in Vermont. If only I could find a farmhouse . . .

I am anxiously awaiting the next batch of Real Vermonter yarn. And, have fun almost Rhinbecking.


yea, silk can be really really stinky. if you want a really gross silk smell, try recycled silk sari.
give it a bath in vinegar, it should help.

have a great lunch!!!
so sad that you aren't going this weekend! :(



Oh, you are so lucky to have a visit from the Travelers! They won't be looking in your sink, will they?

Thank you for the poultry pics. They always make my day.

I'm off to cram the last of the stuff into the suitcase, because my own traveling companions will be here soon. Wish you were coming to the big R!


I really wish you were coming. I'll think of you and buy too much stuff in your honor.


Thanks for the fowl pics. You mean rooster crowing doesn't come naturally? They have to practice? I'm gonna tell my little cousin that when she has to practice her piano. ;)

I'm happy for your turkeys. I dislike Thanksgiving and hunting season, because I like fowl.


Poultry in Motion indeed!! LOL. And a turkey balcony? I await the sauna and hot tub.

Will you be making another Hobbit eventually? Someone beat me to it ... grrrrr.


Apparently the silk took the dye very well, it's so beautiful! What a sheen!

lynne s of oz

You and me can have a pity party cos we aren't going to Rhinebeck! It's a bit late to say say hi to your visitors for me... I have to say a young rooster crowing looks rather bizarre - teensy little head on this big lot of feathers.


My chicken namesake is looking gorgeous.
Does hubby find time for paying building jobs
is he spending all his time with the turkey's and peacocks in the Turkey Palace?


Hello - saw both Norma and Margene today and they said you were 'wonderful'. Good job! ;o)


Love the pics.. especially the last one with the chicken walking thru the fall leaves :-)


Poultry in motion...really...the best thing I've heard in weeks! ROFLPIMP!

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