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That's sad news about Buster and Ginnie :-( And I just don't want to think what cleaning your Matrix was like!

Hope the cold gets better (see, you do get sympathy from the UK, even if not from anyone at home) - and pretty pretty mitts!


Poor Buster and Ginnie, they will miss the fame of performing in a knitting blog.
At least we still have Helen.
I'm not even going to think that they might have been dinner!
Love the mittens, the colour is great,
as usual, the daughter is cute.


I'm sorry about Buster and Ginnie. That's pretty crappy, actually. I hope you have more success with the new additions to the family.


Awww, I'd like to think that Buster & Ginnie are just truly "wild" and have claimed a piece of land for their own. Living and learning the hard way is sometimes the best way. By why doesn't it FEEL that way? Your daughter's yarn really is nice! She seems to be a natural at fiberarts. Perhaps she's a "snip off the ol flock"? ;)


K, so I'm a city girl and a southwesterner beside, so tell me. In Vermont, are you allowed to just kill whatever wanders on your property (pet or wild) and eat it? I thought there were seasons and property laws and such. Do you think they ate your turkeys because they could get away with it?
Sorry you are sick. If you have some eucalyptus oil, put a few drops in a pot full of hot water, lean over the pot (with a towel over your head for best effect) and breathe as deeply as you can. It will make you cough like crazy and may make your eyes sting, but it works really well to clear up the lungs. I hope you feel better soon.
(Your daughter has a way with color, just like you!)


This seriously just sent a chill down my spine! Frost! I'd actually welcome it at this point just to kill the things I'm allergic to.


Your daughter's yarn is beautiful! I want some! (seriously - if she does more and wants to sell some, I'd be interested)


So sorry about Buster and Ginnie!

Your frost pictures are lovely! I always enjoy your landscape shots.

Your daughter's glove are gorgeous! She clearly has an eye for color!

Feel better soon!


I am sorry to hear about Buster and Ginny.

Your daugther is very talented with color. What are the child labor laws in Vermont?

The sock yarn sounds yummy 70/30 is a great blend.


Poor turkeys--and purebreds, too!

Those gloves are beautiful. Such colors--really fab!


Hope your cold goes away quickly. I love the frost pictures. It shot all the way down into the lower 60's last night here. Poor Buster and Ginnie. Such pretty birds. We saw a lot of wild turkeys on our drive yesterday, which prompted me to tell my husband about your birds. I'm looking forward to seeing the new ones.


sorry bout the two traveling birds :((
but yay for new ones (abiet a big mess!)


That frost picture makes me miss Vermont! I grew up in VT and just moved from there to CA this past winter. Love it here, but I miss fall foliage, good apples and real maple syrup like crazy. Fortunately we're flying back for a visit next week - hoping to catch the end of fall color!

Dorothy B

So sorry about Buster and Ginnie. They may still be wandering somewhere.

I hope you feel better soon.


Those Turkeys! Get it - turkeys? It's a joke get it.
Moving on. I had tyhe same problem with size last year when I made mittens for the 5 year old and they fit the 19 year old. I was getting guage. i don't know what happened. Pattern was from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.
Love the frost pictures by the way.


Bummer about the Narragansetts. That would REALLY peeve me if the neighbors had them for Sunday dinner.

I have advice about a chest cold: Get thee to a health food store or vitamin store and get some elderberry syrup and myrrh (or myrrh gum) tincture or capsules. The myrrh will clean up that crud in your chest in no time, and the elderberry syrup will stop the virus from replicating so you'll get over it sooner.

Susan B

FROST?????? It's 75 degrees out here at the moment (2:30 PM) - amazing what a little southward movement down the East Coast will get you, huh?

Don't forget that if it were your daughter or stepson or husband who was pushing themselves too far w/ a nasty chest cold you'd read them the riot act & make them rest rest rest! No reason not to give yourself a good stern lecture & put your feet up for a bit & let them fend for themselves. Just label yourself wildly contageous & they'll keep away readily enough... ;>


Awww, Jessie. My condolences on Buster and Ginnie - they were gorgeous.

Post pix of your newbies. I live vicariously through you.


Damn turkeys. I'm sorry about the cold. I hate them with a passion. Follow Norma's advice and do try to rest (if even only for a few moments). Thanks for the roving weight advice. I will follow it. 8 ounces (at least). I'm planning on dyeing mine with KoolAid. I will most definitely make a mess.

lynne s of oz

Stupid colds. You are in good company - the harlot has had one too. Get well soon and take a break! Put the poodle on your lap and ignore everyone else.
Nice mitts! Stupid turkeys (plus expensive I bet!) just wandering off. Maybe someone has them and has no idea what to do with them - I certainly couldn't kill them and eat them...

Serenity Now!

Vermont looks gorgeous! Gee - I'm in Canada and haven't hardly had frost yet. I think we did once in August, it was freaky though.

I'd be tempted to carry turkeys around in large dog carriers, LOL.


I can't reveal the secret, but when you find out: You're going to scream! No, no more pregnancies - please. Its business, but not in the sense of starting something new.
You'll see, it'll be worth the wait.
I love those fingerless mittens. Thanks for sharing such greenery - beautiful.
Knit on!


I am SO BUMMED about your turkeys. That really sucks.

Your frost pictures are so pretty! Here I was whining about the frost, and you're doing the smart thing and making it beautiful. :)
Your daughter's mitts are fantastic! See, you really need to force her into that barn and make her churn out the dyed stuffs. ;)


I'm sorry Buster and Ginnie didn't come back home :o(

I'm also sad to see frost... :o\

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