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Actually I find this very inetersting. And ya know, if I HAD to, I could live without Target, but never coffee. Besides, Starbucks can be bought in the grocery store & I CAN brew coffee ;) I think the trees are awesome, wait til I start posting trees in Jan, they stay the same all year. I can ALWAYS look at poultry pics! Love em'I hope I don't miss out this weekend on the yarn.


I had to check and--you're right--there are no Targets in Vermont. :) We visited Vermont last year at this time and just fell in love with it. Target-less and all. *grin*

Bea Apple

I would love to live in a small town in Vermont, I just live in a small town in Arkansas, it doesn't have quite the same ring, does it? At least this year we are going to have a really good fall. And I love the chickens! We only have the plain ol' white Tyson variety here. I love your yarn too, you really know how to pick those colors! I would love to see some of the Border Leicester you are spinning for your husband's sweater!


Oh oh oh - you wouldn't believe how long I sat just gazing at that peacock sock yarn - willing it to jump into my basket, but I'm on such a strict yarn diet, and absolutely no excuse to break it. Must go. Must knit. Must use up stash. Must be able to buy more...


The new yarns are beautiful. I'm still working on the three I have and I have to be good right now. The mittens turned out great. I'm sorry they're too small. Bites. You are missing nothing if you haven't been in any particular "store". They all are about the same anymore.


What stunning yarns!!! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog -I love your photos, Vermont has always been a place I hope to visit one day - you've just made me want to visit that much more. Gorgeous. The chicken looks like she is posing - must know the light makes her comb look good like that!


Definitely no Targets in VT - and only two Walmarts...which is good and bad. Good in that VT keeps it's charm but bad when you're sleeping in a leaky tent and want some cheap seam sealer ;o)

Very pretty yarn - as usual! :o)

P.S. Please don't hate me because I didn't think to invite you to the Hancock thing...


I am deathly afraid of chickens yet every time you share yours, I want to meet them and overcome my fear.

Your yarn is beautiful, as always.


That Helen, she's a beauty. So's the Peacock. So's the Goldrush. But wowzer, that Real Vermonter makes my mouth water.


I have a glow in the dark halloween cup from Starbucks, a friend got it in the US a few years ago!
But, I've only been to Starbucks twice, we don't have many of them in Austarlia.

Your yar is gorgeous!

Helen as usual, is looking happy and relaxed, she's a gorgeous chicken, well, nearly as gorgeous as Lindy.
But, I may be biased!

Your mittens for your daughter have reminded me that i still have a pair of blue mittens that my mother knitted for me, 30+ years ago to wear to school.
Yes, I know where they are and I still wear them!
They are one of my treasures as mum is no longer


AMEN! To No Targets! Hopefully it will stay this way. Honestly, how many more box stores do we really need? Your not missing much in Addison.


Never been in a Target? Oh my oh my! I am a Target fan but not a Walmart fan. Nonono. I've never heard the expression "big box" store before. Does it include stores like Macys? Can't wait to see the photos of your VT town. And if you'd like, I'll happily take photos of my local Target (pronounced Tar-jhey for those who know the worth of the place) for you. One last thing...thanks in advance for the worsted wt wool. Cozy socks a'comin.
take care!


I was just thinking it was about time for some chicken pictures. Thanks

Ari (Baking and Books)

I tell ya, your posts always make me want to leave school, quit the city and move to the country! I was in Vermot a few weeks ago and it GORGEOUS over there. You are so lucky.


love your yarns. that Real Vermonter is fabulous!
Wish I was sitting there spinning with you and enjoying the fall color show.


Your yarn is gorgeous!!! And that first skein in the 2nd picture - the aqua green one, is my favorite! Any chance it's still available? :-)

Love the mittens, too -- any particular pattern you used?

I love that you live in picture-postcard Vermont, next to a red barn, for gosh sake! Heaven!


*sigh* i just love your yarn. especially the handspun. if you ever want to trade, um, just drop me an email ;-)


Oh Jessie - I grew up in southwestern Ontario, which looks very much like Vermont. My town had 500 people during the tourist season. I couldn't wait to leave it at 18, and now at 40, wish I never had!

Enjoy your time there. I sure wish I had.

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