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I love those pictures of the turkeys. My son (2) also was impressed by them.
At least I know now why it is important to skirt the fleece. I was wondering if it wasn't a waste of wool and I thought maybe it only cut down on the work. now I know it would be ridiculous to try and clean all of that out.
Thank for that.


Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos of those beautiful turkeys.


I know what you mean about wild turkey meat. It's definitely different from the store bought stuff but I genuinely like it.


Beautiful photos - again! The yarn the kids dyed came out really well, I'm impressed. But those turkeys - how cool are they? I hope they return safe and sound.


The turkeys are cute! I hope they hurry back home.
The yarn the girls dyed is beautiful! They both have an eye for color.


Both girls have such an eye for color. Love both skeins. On the beauty of turkeys. I think wild turkeys have a beauty. Like many things, in their own habitat they are gorgeous. Outside that habitat, weird. Last fall I was driving to work and saw a wild turkey on the side of the road. A woman driving toward me saw it, as well, and we narrowly avoided a head-on collision because we were both so taken by this wild creature. Hope they made it home.


I think Buster and Ginny are beautiful! Looks like you have a natural dyer in your family! Do you really think she'll part with her hand dyed? Would you clarify one thing? I was a little nervous reading about "breast meat" & tenderness & such. Are Buster and Ginny family or future menu items? The city girl in me must really be coming out.


They did great!!


One of the things I love about my commute is the wild turkeys that often graze (?) early in the morning along the highway. With the exception of one who flew across the highway just a wee bit too low for my taste, I've never seen any that weren't smart enough to figure out traffic. I firmly believe yours are this clever :)

And for the record, I'd buy what those kids dye.


Buster & Ginny are gorgeous, as is the yarn. Talent runs in the family :-)


The turkeys aren't so much beautiful as majestic. (Like ugly old men who've seen the world and know it all.) I came across a flock of wild ones north of the Grand Canyon once. My citified self didn't realize wild turkeys still existed.
Both girls did wondefully with their yarn!
Good luck getting the turkeys back where they belong!

Dave Daniels

The yarns the girls made looks fantastic. I LOVE both colorings. Kudos to the both.
The turkeys are wonderful. I've only had "fresh" turkey once, and it was a surprising flavor.


your daughter has a talent with colour.
love the turkey's!


I love your posts. I always read your updates just as soon as I see them.The turkeys are spectacular and I would love to see an updated picture of Elsie/Elmer. And that yarn! Both are superb. Your daughters skein puts me in mind of Noro.
Keep posting!


Sheesh! Have you considered having your daughter dye yarn for your shop? She's a natural!

Waiting with bated breath for a turkey update....


Buster and Ginnie are so beautiful! There was a flock (is that what you call it?) of wild turkeys in our backyard this weekend, and they were butt ugly. Yours are gorgeous! I hope they came home.

Looks like you need to hire your daughter to help with the business. Maybe she could do her own funky, bright colorways in some bulky yarns. Ya know, to help pay for college. heh. ;)


So glad your flickage worked! The fleece looks awesome :o)

Your daughter did a great job on the dyeing! Beautiful!


Your daughter's yarn is FABULOUS, as are the turkeys. Can't be a good sign that they have ranged THAT free, though. Damn.


See me? I am the jealous of the bird situation.

I want to come visit your turkeys. :)


Oh for sure. You bought the yarn, you bought the dye, your daughter just happened to be the artist that brought it all together into a wonderful colorway. I say you get mittens. And if there is any left over, she gets some matching mittens.


They did a great job dyeing the yarn! I love the colors your daughter chose.


Turkeys look great. Watch out, Turkey season is near. The girls did GREAT on their dying. I would totally buy skeins like that. I think you should hire them! They are taking after you.

lynne s of Oz

Hehehehehe. Turkeys. Overbred turkeys that can't even breed any longer! But looks like Buster has a clue and a small enough breast to go through with the deal....


your daughters yarn makes me want to learn how to dye. its beautiful and crazy and awesome!!


Well, I was all ready to be excited by the fact that the turkeys were sticking around until I read your Red Alert. Hope they're back soon. . .
And you daughter and niece made beautiful yarn! :)


They look so much happier out running about!

Your daughter did a great job on her yarn. Maybe I'll let Emily dye some soon (she's only 3 though...I'm probably asking for a disaster!).


Tell your dyers that their results are fantastic! I'm drooling over both of them.

And as always, your photos are true eye candy. I've never had turkeys before, so this is interesting.

And! I tried your idea about blending fibers on my woolcombs. Success! I put my experiment on my blog.

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