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Beautiful spindle! Wow! Makes me want to quit working & learn to spin. OOOhhhhh what a bunny! I'm feelin all kinds of friendly envy down here :)


You didn't get yourself a bunny??


Goldings are the BEST, aren't they? And I'm not even so much into the spindling....but I now have four -- two Goldings and two Bosworths, and I really love the Goldings best. So sorry we did not meet.


That's a wonderful picture of you and your husband!


I'm not a spindler but that is a beautifully tempting spindle.


Look at that little bunny! I would have been helpless under his powers. :)


Lovely, and the sweater is gorgeous. (You two are so sweet.) You could always snip the bottom edge and add some more length.
...sniff... There weren't any chicken pics in this post...sob...


Sounds like a very fun day! And your TemptingII looks wonderful - that's such a cute picture!


That is an awesome spindle design!


I can't imagine how you walked out of there without a bunny!

BTW - got the yarn. It's gorgeous!!


Bunnies! Oh how cute. Sounds like you had alot of fun! I'm envious ( in a good wholesome way) that you have such a great festival right in your state!

That's a great picture of you two, BTW.

Dorothy B

Baby bunnies make me feel all soft and fuzzy. Good thing I wasn't there or I would have been trying to get bunnies through customs.

What a beautiful spindle. Excellent purchase.

You two look great in your picture and so does Tempting II.


I will want to hear a frank and honest review of the Golding and the CD spindle. Terrific picture of you and your adorable hubby. Oh, and I agree, you're getting turkeys, why not sweet bunnies? Yeah, I know.


I'm not sure how you got out of there without a bunny, either. I did try!

Your Golding is so beautiful. How's it spining?


Your husbands a hunk! You make a very nice looking couple!


Hey! I'm going to Rhinebeck and that is the Golding on my list. I have to keep the purchases on the down low this year but i'm definitley getting one of those beautiful babies.
Happy spinning!


*ahem* you know, Carole has like six wheels...just sayin'

...and I technically only have two...

Tempting looks awesome and that is a great picture of you two! :o) I'm sorry we didn't have more time to hang out - and sorry I have horrible stomach issues :o\


Aw. You're so damn cute!!


Oh that bunny is the cutest!!

And really - I can't decide which is more beautiful, the Golding, Tempting II, or you! All awesome. But whew... hubba hubba. Nice looking hubby - cleans up great after his dead tired at the end of the day asleep on the sofa photos. heh


You could always add a ruffle.... (that was what my mom always threatened to do to my too-short jeans). The picture of you and the mister is very cute -- almost as cute as that bunny!


Oh, pretty pretty golding! I dream about those, but I've never even seen one in real life. I hope you have time to spin on it soon!


I can't believe that you didn't buy any animals.
Love the photo of you and hubby, you both look relaxed.


Those Golding spindles are fabulous! I have the sunflower one and it spins like a dream.
Great picture of you and your husband!


~beautiful spindle!!!!

i say for the next one, we all dye our hair to match our blogs, lol..

oh, did you by chance happen to talk to a woman named carol yesterday?
she said a woman had called her & she thought of me (i suppose the yarn dyeing thing...) she couldn't think of the person's name off hand, but i was all like "this" and "that" and "the other" and she said that sounded right. :)
maybe you and i should just start a mini mill.

lynne s of Oz

It's nice to see a pic of you and DH looking happy - mostly we see your DH on the couch, asleep with Sophie asleep on him :-)
I would so love to do what you are doing on the fleece and yarn side, but alas here you need at least 20 kilos of wool before places will process it....and our market is not big.

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