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YAY! I have no idea how to help you on the fleece issue. Sounds kinda fun, though. The new yarns are so pretty!


I love your yarn! Sorry, but I couldn't possibly help you with roving/spinning, but I did want to thank you the best lunchtime reading ever! Luckily, I'm not the squeamish type.


I'm totally convinced that fearless enthusiasm is what makes the world go 'round! :)


On the blending thing? I hand card, but then again, I hand card everything because I have no drum carder. It's not that hard, but it is very very hard to be consistent. If you're persnickety you might some advice from an expert, but if you're like me, I love the experimentation. Since I'm a novice as well, I didn't even skirt my fleece. Duh. BTW, Sophie looks very comfy in her sweater. And, how's the mini-knitter doing?


Mmmm, I love your subtle colorways. And am I the only one for whom the term "scour" as regards fleece just seems all wrong? I think of scouring as rubbing/scrubbing the hell out of something, causing torn fingernails and cuts and abrasions and blisters on my hands in the process, which is most decidedly NOT what one does to fleece. I want a talk with that Webster dictionary guy......


Each time I bring home a raw fleece, and before washing, I skirt, sort, then sit patiently and pull apart every lock to open it and pick out the VM. This takes alot of time but I love handling the wool. Picking first makes a big difference on how clean the fleece gets.

Nessa Z.

Hmm - if it's only a few ounces of the fleece, why not flick the crusty ends BEFORE you wash it? Saves washing it twice. Happy spinning!

lynne s of Oz

I commit sacrilege if the ends are truly feral. I snip them off!
A lot of the dirt comes out when you flick/card/comb the fleece and unless you specifically want as white a yarn as possible, it usually turns out quite nicely.
I'd guess that mills would be used to mucky tips - part and parcel of most fleeces unless the sheep is coated.


I love the Raspberry Tea colorway - went to your shop to order it and didn't see it - did I miss out on it? Oh, please let me know!!


It's that fearless enthusiasm that's been so exciting for me lately. Specifically regarding my spinning progress and experimentation. The supplies aren't terribly expensive so I haven't this "what have I got to lose?" kind of attitude. It's awesomely fun!

And the colorways you showed today - YUM! I love the raspberry tea! I just received a gift of handpainted yarn in an alpaca/wool blend that's very similar to those colors and they called it "Pussy Willow". Just beautiful!


Beautiful yarns up there. Wish I could help with advice re: the yukky fleece, but I'm clueless when it comes to that kind of thing. I'll be interested to see what you end up doing.

Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my mom. And I'm very sorry for your loss, as well.


I'm loving the Raspberry Tea colorway ;o)

Thankfully Steve was pretty clean to begin with and already skirted - I think if you flick the ends prior to washing it might help get most of the yuck out...maybe?


Beautiful colorways!


After washing and drying, most of that dirt should flick out, as the lanolin is gone and the dirt will have nothing sticky to hold it in the wool while you flick. If it really bother's you (as it would me) go ahead and rewash the parts that are still dirty. It's all up to you.

I've washed a grey romney fleece both flicked and non-flicked. There was a little difference in how clean the flicked was from the non-flicked, but in my opinion, not enough to spend the 3 hours it took to flick half a fleece (that was after sorting and alligning all the locks, uff-da). I would flick a really dirty white fleece and plan to do at least 3 washings and 3 rinsings. That's my method, maybe it will help you. Good luck!

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