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I love alpacas! They are such sweet animals. Fantastic photos, as usual.


Those alpacas are too cute, and yippee, more bug stuff!! That last photo made me laugh out loud. Scared the cat, it did.


Ohman, now I need to go find the Benedryl ;o)


What cool alpacas. I love alpaca roving, but it does need stronger stuff for spinning. A monarch butterfly, how exciting! Your chickens are a constant source of amusement. And, only six more days til school? Girl, you sure do cover your topics, don't you? I'm working on the socks with the new yarn and I absolutely love it!


Love all the alpaca photos.


The chickens know that she will sit on their eggs as well as her own so they (much like many humans) are just hoping for a nanny. They pass along their genes and don't have to do the sitting...no, no one has told them you need a rooster to have chicks and well it is working for these other chickens without a rooster....


Those alpacas are great. The brown one looking right at the camera... adorable.
Can't wait to see about the monarch.

Rachel H

I want the alpaca with the panda face. I also want to be able to knit as well as Ben. I wonder what it was like for him to be knitting in the 1950s. Was he in a community where it was normal and accepted for boys/men to knit, or was it something he did at home and didn't talk about?


Those little alpaca faces are too cute! I captured a caterpillar the other day who was eating on my tomato plant. We kept in a jar for the day and I was amazed by how much it ate (and pooped).


I love the picture of the alpace with his mouth full of hay. He's adorable. And the one below that is awfully cute, too. :)
Yay for the Monarch chrysalis! I'm always in awe of the little shiny gold flecks on them. How on earth is that possible? Beautiful.


Yes, I'm with RachelH wondering if Ben was a closet knitter in the 50's? heh

Gosh - so much packed into one post. The alpaca faces and expressions are just GREAT! I have seen quite a few blogs with pictures of alpaca but these guys just look different - like skinnier or something and with such great expressions. heh I love the last one with the little kid/mom convo. hehehe


There's something about alpacas that makes me just want to giggle! They have the most inquisitive look on their faces at all times...hey you...what ya doin?

If I could have one as a house pet, I totally would :-)

PS the new yarn ROCKS! I'm taking spinning classes soon because you totally inspired me :-)


I love alpacas. The other day my husband and I were watching Dirty Jobs on the discovery channel and they had a segment on Alpaca shearing. I just about fell on the floor laughing at the sight of the naked alpacas. Beautiful yarns!

lynne s of Oz

Heh - I'm betting you can't wait for school to start again.
Love the alpaca pics - they look so funny after being shorn. The spotty one chewing the meadow hay and the beauty queen underneath it are the best ones :-)
Oooh, a chrysalis! I hope you get to see it hatch!

Dorothy B

Awesome Alpaca pictures. So cute and beautiful. That last one cracked me right up!

Chickens are weird about stuff.

Love the sweater set. How cute and awesome work.


Yikes girl- your life sounds as hectic and fun as mine! (well, except for the 'can I jump on your bed Mom" concept :-) I'm past that stage.whew!)
that alpaca is lovely
and oohh-la-la monarchs!!!


Yay! Alpaca are so cute, it's almost criminal. Oy.

That tiny sweater is quite amazing. I love the little details!


These pictures are absolutely priceless!! So cute!


The alpacas are adorable!
The sweater is awesome. What a wonderful heirloom.

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