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That was silly and sweet!Will you post again when she climbs under the covers?


I probably wouldn't think it was so funny if there was a chicken making a home invasion at our house, but I can't stop laughing at this!


Yup, I'm thinking the next favorite roost will be the head or foot of your bed. Oy. That is just too funny.


You are such a softie. :)

Really cute pictures!


I suspect that we will soon be seeing photos of helen and sophie fighting for your husband's attention.
Helen knows that she's landed with a family of softies.


How funny! And you know what? I lived in Vermont from 1976-1990 and I don't think I knew ANYONE with a pool!!! Why couldn't I have been your neighbor when I lived there!?


Oh my gosh!!!! what a great giggle this morning. hehe


Ohhh I think I love Helen! :-)


That is Too.Funny. Your daughter is going to love telling this story!


A house chicken! You have a house chicken! So cute!


I love Helen! Chickens are funny creatures. My ladies' were coralled back into their pen today. As much as I adore them, I was NOT amused when they got into my strawberries and cabbages. Especially following our discussion prior to the offense. Can't wait to see what you spin up from all of the lovely fleece.


Oh MY! Gotta love Helen, That is one tenacious chickie! WHERE will she roost next? Can't wait to find out.


I'm just reading this and, yes, I am laughing! She fits right in, doesn't she? And, Helen knows she's got it good. Let me know when she starts watching TV.


Helen is definately my favorite chicken of all time.


Aww--that's so sweet!

That Helen is one plucky chick.

(please don't tell her I said that)



You guessed the right address. Great story and pictures.


I didn't see this one! She does make a really cute houseguest though!

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