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I'm suffering from envy overload. Those fleeces are gorgeous. I agree, you showed great strength in not sitting down and spinning any of it. On the yarn front. I'm whatever. I always love sock yarn, but I don't know what the market wants. I'll read with interest your other comments. I'm also very glad you have ratcheted down the stress level a bit with your decision on the move. Don't stop exercising!!!!


Those fleeces (and faces) are simply gorgeous! The fact that the fleece has little spinnable clumps in it makes it almost irresistible... I am interested in mitten-amounts of variegated (the kind you like, with all the various colors identifiable at close range)sock/DK weight yarn.
On the house front, we here on the selling front will be renting our second house for the school year until the market gets less crowded with foreclosures... sigh.
Maybe it is a way to bring in a little monthly income until the buyer from Heaven shows up.

Katherine Allred

The last two photos are my favorites. I love the sheep peeking around the corner. (I want to an enlarged print of it! Maybe we could do a t-shirt/photo trade.) I'm feeling some serious City Girl farm-envy.


Thank you for sharing all these. The girls and I have had such fun looking at the sheep (and other critters).


Wonderful pictures - Donna has a great life, it seems! On the fiber - I couldn't decide. I suppose to be in my price range it would be small scarf, mitten hat amounts and I like sport to worsted weights. But that's just because my hands are finicky about smaller yarns unless I'm doing lace.


Oh. My. I've been working my fanny off today, and when I finally sat down to browse blogland, my first stop way your blog. What a refreshing and enjoyable sight!! Your photos are wonderful, and the thought of all that beautiful fleece is a joy to ponder. I love natural color rovings and yarns, any type or blend, but especially alpaca and wool. Hats, mittens, scarves, and maybe even a bit of lace. Oh, and socks of course.


Would you stop it with the temptation to come to Vermont -- OK how much rent would a week or two cost and can my dog come? (he isn't a scratcher or a chewer) i am planning on coming up for a bit anyway but didn't want to impose on my friends too much.


Lovely. I just love that final duck photo. In my next life I want to be a sheep photographer. I'm fascinated by them and they are so photogenic.


Oh the photos. Just .... I could just faint from those photos! heh The cuteness. The wool. And I don't even spin!!! By the way, the post loaded instantly - I think typepad somehow helps that a lot but I could be wrong.

I'd be interested in undyed, various weight, but mostly fingering and worsted, I think. And.... umm.... any fiber. :)


I am normally not wowed by animal photos, not being an animal keeper myself, but those were awesome! I. Love. Those. Geese!

Ok, yarn. I like the sock yarn, as you well know. But I would love to see some alpaca fingering or lighter weight for lace. Especially if it were sort of semisolid. I guess I like to use fingering and DK the best. I don't know enough about the different types of wool to have much of an opinion about that, but I do love me some alpaca.


I love all your farm pictures. Oh and the pictures of the dog were too cute! Those fleeces are beautiful. Wool/Alpaca blend sounds great and maybe a wool/mohair blend would be nice too!


For years, I paid big money to get curls like those angoras -- actually not even that good!


Hi Jessie--I'm on the WFH list, and have a knitting business of my own (http://hyenacart.com/huckleberryknits). I have a friend who has a flock of Clun Forest sheep, and is giving me a fleece from his next shearing. I'm sending it off to get it processed and spun, and if it turns out to be something I think my customers will like, I plan to offer it to them. But in that case, I'll want to pay him for the fleece. But I don't know what to give him for it. How much is the going rate?

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