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2 & 3 and worry about 1 in the morning. BTW, love your new pet chicken. You are so tuff. You have her exactly where she wants you.


Yea, I'd make the same choice too. Tempting looks great.


If you clean too early, then you'll have to do it again in the morning anyway.


LoL! Well, the top looks lovely on you, and I love Helen even more today!! Ohh she is so cute!!


GREAT top! Love the girls too. Good luck with the repeat viewers.


Your Tempting II looks amazing! And that is a very cute picture of you. I seem to discover new chins in all the pictures of me too. I swear they only show up when the camera comes out.

Definitely #4. Elizabeth is right -- there is no sense in cleaning twice.

Katherine Allred

Glad to see someone has their priorities straight!


#4 sounds like the best option


That looks so great!

Diane E.

I think #4...I use to just shove anything laying around under the beds when we were in your shoes. Tempting looks great!


Tempting turned out GREAT!! So cute.

Loved the chicken-love story yesterday!


I agree, 2 & 3 tonight, 1 tomorrow!

Your sweater is amazing. :)


Nice job on Tempting. I know what you mean about trying to get the right angle for photos. I just try to get one that doesn't look like my mother! yeesh.

Christina in Washington

Yay for Tempting! It looks great! (so glad the neckline turned out okay)


Beautiful job on the sweater!


It looks great!!

I am with you on 2 & 3. My inlaws arrive in mere days, plus were moving and boxes need packing, yet here I sit!


Your top is fantastic, and you look smashing in it. Your yoga and stress is paying off, no?
I hope your showings go well.

You need to know if we end up getting kicked out of our neighborhood because I simply had to have chickens, I'm blaming you. Goddness, Helen is adorable!


Great job on Tempting II- looks lovely on you too.

I love the photo of the "girls"- they certainly look like nosy teenagers checking things out :-) lol


Ohhhh Tempting II looks so so so nice - I'm very envious of your pretty hair and figure.

Good luck with the house showing (guess they're over by now). Bringing back family for a 2nd look is a good sign, right? :)


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