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How exciting! Yeah for his win. That yarn is great...you dyed that?


Congratulations to your son! Great pics.


Congratulations on the WIN!! State Championship,no small feat. Your daughter's sweater will be perfect. The yarn is beautiful and you have two nice looking young men there. Lucky YOU!


Congrats on the win! Woo hoo!

I have fallen in love with your little daughter. Not only is she cute, her personality is strong. Give her a hug for me and good luck with that sweater.

Love's good. Love it.


Yay!! Congrats on the win! Good luck in the upcoming tournament :o)

At least your daughter wants you to knit her something ;o) Mine wants nothing to do with it, the brat.


Congratulations to your son! (Handsome men!)
And I love the sweater-to-be! That is my very favorite book for kids' sweaters. I made quite a few for the grand-daughters.......


Congrats on the big win and record. Way cool. I would have been stunned if you daughter had not wanted purple and pink. At least those are colors. When they get a bit older, all they want is black.

lynne s of oz

Your sson is doing really well! congrats! As for the pink jumper, she is six. Very few six year old girls will wear anything but pink in my limited experience of 4 nieces and what I see in the shops... but I wore PURPLE! LOL

Diane E.

Congrats! I see Middlebury t- shirts,does our son go there? My niece is a sophmore at M. and loving VT, well we all try to get up there as much as possible. Wish my son migrated North for college. No, instead he went south, Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville. Now, Charlottes. beautiful and historic and TEN hours away. Maybe #2 son will head North. My fingers are crossed. Great site!

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