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I'm planning to knit Devan on Knitty for my son later this year. (It's already too hot for sweaters here.) Plain and easy with self-striping yarn. I dunno if there's a small-enough sized pattern for a baby, though - I can't remember offhand.


Love the colors, will not buy (repeating the mantra). There's a Simple Baby Knits book by Debbie Bliss that has a couple of easy baby sweaters, hats, blankets, etc. I got it from the library. I'm not positive of the correct title. Adorable stuff.


Those are GORGEOUS...do you spin them, too, because if you do, I think I'm going to stick my head in the oven! As for baby sweater, there is a great one in Erica Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies...a little v-neck cardigan done in Rowan All-Seasons Cotton (knits up FAST) and a matching beanie. I usually give this combo on a teddy bear...when the kid is done with it, the bear has an outfit!


No sweater ideas, but as for the yarn...you really know how to tempt a girl. ;)


That's gorgeous Jessie - just like a Titian. When you look closely at a Titian you can see that the "red" hair actually has yellow, blue and even green in it. It's amazing really.


I did a sweater from Debbie Bliss Baby Knits (I think that's the name of it -- or maybe Easy Baby Knits?) that was a super-huge hit. It's very simple, and I don't know about "hip," but the recipients (both parents are attorneys) had their baby's professional photograph done in the sweater, and also when I gave it to them, there was another attorney present who said, "It looks like a JCrew baby sweater!" Just a plain stockinette sweater with rolled hems and neck, buttons on the shoulders. I did the same sweater twice for baby boys, in different yarns. My favorite was Classic Elite Flash -- pretty pricey for a baby knit, but that baby wore that thing for a LONG time.


Gorgeous, gorgeous. Must not snatch them all up!

There is a SERIOUS dearth of cute knitting patterns for boys, IMHO.


I am TOTALLY coveting that yarn!
I NEED some.
As for boys sweaters, I've modified any number of things for cute boyness.
Even the infamous 5-hour-baby- sweater is easy to make more "macho" I wonder if I wrote down how I did that....


I must have that purple yarn.


Pretty Please?


I like the two Knitty patterns, Baby Norgi and Trellis. They are both cute, but I don't think they look too easy. :(
You know I'm a big fan of your yarns! That purple one stands out as my favorite too.
Can't wait to see your finished Tubey!


Oh, so beautiful! I was wondering - would you possibly be interested in being interviewed for the Pointy Sticks podcast? I'm working out the kinks to doing phone interviews still, but wanted to toss the idea out to you. The podcast is at pointysticks.org if you want to check it out!

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