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Darn! Was hoping I'd win, but knew I had a slim chance. At least I'm first to comment!

Congrats to the lucky winners! I'm jealous of your newest stash additions!


Yippeee!!! I'll happily report back.

I swear I should be paying people's kids.

The ONLY time I win contests is when someone's kid pulls my name out of a hat. I'll e-mail my address now...


Congrats Terri and Amie - way to go!

Terri D.

Holy moly!

I won some cool yarn
On a gloomy cold Friday
My joy knows no bounds.

Thanks, Jessie!

Terri D. kvelling in NYC


Congrats to the winners! Their thingies were neat to read.

Your finished sweater is super! Bet they will be warm and toasty in those fancy tops. I hope your nephews know how special they are to get something "knit with love in every stitch". ;)


Hey there!

The contest was cool, and the sweater is fantastic! I'm undone!

It's okay to be a process knitter. Beautiful objects don't have a time frame (or, is this my KADD speaking)

Besides, I think it's more important to be a well-rounded person and a good parent. Which, you are!

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