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Oh my gosh. Beautiful stuff there.
I'm not a poet, and didn't have a clue what a haiku was.
You are so busy!
Good luck, good luck, good luck.


colors in the yarn
fill my heart with intense joy
happily, I knit


I've been thinking about this for two days and I've got nuthin'....I'm really sorry - I feel like I've let you down!


Here's mine:

Rectangles: Scarves, Shawls;
That's all I know how to knit.
Someone teach me more!



1. Laundry piles higher
I could wash and dry my clothes
Or I could knit more!

2. The sheep all shiver
Without wool to keep them warm
It's all in my stash


I think theres plenty for a pair.....they'd make wonderful socks!! I always wash in cold water and hang all my socks and haven't had any problem with wear on them in a couple years only on certian ones. more iwth cotton!


I have knit for hours
An ironic tiny sweater
It is for my goat.

It's funny 'cos I made it from wool.
Or, if you like:

That yarn is pretty
The colourways I adore
Give me the yarn, please.

^_^ Ooor, we can go with...

I need to do work.
But I need scarves and hats more.
Please call me in sick.

Yeah, that's it.

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