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I love the Bat Girl pig, those ears! I was sort of expecting a recipe but this was just as good!
Ever try to do yoga with cats? That mat was put on the floor for them, right?


Oh dear, that is why I dread driving during so much of the year around here. I don't think our geography is quite as bad as yours when it comes to getting around, but Keene is in a basin, which means it's uphill (and winding country roads) to get pretty much anywhere else. Which I hate in the winter. (Not that I ever really drive in the winter.) And I try to just Not Think About It when my husband has to drive out of town for work in that weather. Which is usually more than once a week. bleh.

A few years ago we did a 180 just trying to get back from Springfield, VT, on Thanksgiving. And then in our attempt to actually get onto the exit (what caused the 180 in the first place), we overshot and went straight into the snowy ditch.

Sometimes I wonder if we really should get an SUV or truck, just so I don't have heart attacks during the winter driving.

Glad you made it to the game safely! And as always, I love all the animal photos and stories. We have just built our raised bed garden (still need to add more dirt and plant things), but alas have no pigs to watch us as we work.


Mark/Lily photos reminds me of the Mark/Sopie photos. Still love Milo. >^..^<


OMG! This brings back nightmares of traveling through the Cascade Mtns. in March!Sashquamie(sp?)Pass! Yep. If I was in your shoes (car), I would have sat in the pull-off til Summer!! Glad you made it ok and had a great Easter.


I recall I vacation in Vermont from a long ago. A local directed us over a mountain (I think to get to Rock of Ages Granite Quarry) and it turned out to be washboard that we had to travel in second gear. For such a small state, nothing is close by. I'm sure your Easter ham was better than ours - I've had a nasty cold and just grabbed one at Krogers. Edible but just barely.


Every year at this time I kick myself for not planting garlic the fall before...
(One of these years I'll learn. *sigh*)
Love the piggy pics!

donna lee

Spring is finally making its presence known here so there's hope for you all up there. The trees have leafed out but the temps have been so cold. This past weekend they all released their pollen at one time (at least that's what my allergies told me) and it was a miserable time.

Easter is all about food and chocolate here too. One of my favorite holidays.


Love the Dancing with Goats pix! Commiserations on the Scarey Drive. We went over Bethel Mtn. to SPA in Freeport at the end of February. Going down Maine was clear & easy; blizzard while we were snug in the Harraseeket Inn over the weekend; and not very nice driving for Kelley on the way home (I sat in the back and kept my eyes closed) altho we didn't attempt Bethel again and Vermont roads were so much better than Maine or NH.


Hey there!

Glad to know that everyone's cool, even the "rotten cat". Hilarious. Life in NYC has been good, spinning away with my "rotten cat" determined to break my drive band. Hmmph!

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Xinmei went to Bethel. SPA in the free port at the end of February. Maine is clear, easy snow fall, and our neighborhoods over the weekend Harraseeket comfortable.

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