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Oh, I love some kitty tummy. That tummy is begging to be ruffled, but I have a feeling he would claw my eyes out.

Thank you for the timely advice, Pumpkin Queen! We bought a few for decoration a few weeks ago and I've been wondering what the best way to cook them would be. I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, but I love a good pumpkin roll and pumpkin bread. I think maybe I'll pick up a few more the next time I'm at the farm stand.


I'm laughing my ass of over the hussy Sassy! And you DO look like a queen...nice work with the 'punkins'. ;p


1. Can you send me a slice of that pie through my DSL internet connection?

2. How important is row gauge on Rogue?


What A chippy you have in Sassy!! And the pumpkin just looks wonderful. I can't believe I have to start stalking your yarn site, I keep missing the colors I go "OOOOOO" over!!


Milo's tummy needs to be rubbed. I can stand kitten sharp teeth.

And the pies look good. Can I have one without the crust? I never eat the crust so I need to figure out how to make one without it.

Marcia Cooke

Poor pig! I'm going to try your recipe with my little homegrown punkins, although I suspect I will need three times as many for one pie, they are that small! Cute decorations, but the seed packet does say they are good for pies....


I really wish my family liked pumpkin pies. I just end up eating the whole thing if I make them!


poor Sassy -- I can totally understand being sad for the one left behind. Glad she has some new playmates, tho. I have some pumpkin puree in the fridge right now, waiting to be muffins! Hopefully, the kids and I will get to it tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help! As for Rogue, I can't wait to get started on mine, but I am on a finishing binge -- other than the sock I just started (oops!). It is another project that is just interesting and complicated enough to keep it fun, yet fast and easy. (Magknits Rainbow Socks)


Thanks for sharing the recipe. The pie does look really yummy. I hope Milo didn't interfere with the baking process! LOL!


Fudd is CUTE! What a sweet face, and he passed it on to his progeny. Poor Sassy.
Don't Fence Me In is YUMMY. Good thing it already sold or I might have put off the electric bill to obtain it...
Thanks for the pumpkin info. That looks like good stuff!


I have been craving freshly made pumpkin ravioli and those pictures just made it worse.


The pumpkin is a fabulous fashion accessory.
Milo has the cutest little tummy, but, i wouldn't trust him, those little kitty paws and claws would wrap around a scritching hand with speed and glee!


That's very interesting about your pigs: I have to confess, the thought of 192 lbs of pork in the freezer would console me for a lot of things. When I was a child, my granny had a kitchen knife the blade of which was worn away into a crescent on the sharp side, and she told me this was the knife that had been used for cutting the pigs' throats when she was a girl. She wasn't a woman given to terrifying young children except when strictly necessary, so I think it might have been true and I've always remembered it and wondered what it would be like to have the family porker slaughtered.

The two new babies look as if they'll take your mind off it, anyway, although those casually crossed ankles of Milo's are still the cutest thing on the page.


Thank you Pumpkin Queen for the pie baking tips. This may be my weekend project. Glad the Big Pig Day wasn't too traumatic on the humans at least, and that Sassy found solace with Fudd. Oh, that Milo - he is just daring you to tickle that tummy!


Hail to the Queen. I was dying to know how you do it. Now I can't wait to try it!

Little Miss Curious

Finally, a practical queen. I am inspired to make "real" pumpkin pie now,especially since we are hosting Thanksgiving. That picture of Sassy looking all lonely is devastating. I'm glad she got some booty to cheer her up.


mmm pumpkin. This year I'm having a hard time finding pie pumpkins. I have been craving pumpkin soup so bad, and I really want to try and make some myself. Guess I will now have to make a pie now also, can you please lead me to the crust queen because mine always come out awful. I have resorted to buying the pre-made ones.

Spinning Fishwife

Great Milo pix...one of the best!

Poor Sassie...well, you'd be upset if your pals were taken away and you could tell something had*happened*. Nice that she's got something to take her mind off the event, though!


I don't know what the best part of this post is: the pumpkin tutorial (the absolute BEST part would be a PIECE of pie...), the luscious yarn, the pigs in all their muddiness, the spinning, or Milo!! I know, as the Toad Princess (moniker from long, long ago...) I decree that ALL of the parts of the post are the best! There, my work is done. I can now rest.


I was feeling pretty sad for Sassy as you were telling the story, but then it all got better as I somehow knew it would, what with y'all liking to acquire animals. Fudd is like Elmer Fudd, you know, from Loony Tunes. He was vagely pig-like.

192 pounds of pork! You guys are going to be sick to death of pork by the end of the winter.

So, when are you going to get a dairy cow?


Nice pie! My grandmother used to make pumpkin pies from scratch - they were terrible which led me to always use canned pumpkin. 'Real' pumpkin pies scare me. Too much childhood scarring! ;o)

*not thinking about the pigs* (too much of a bleeding heart)

Beautiful yarn!! and knitting! and kitty! yay for spinning! :o))


I tried making real pumpkin pies once and I peeled, sliced and boiled those suckers. It was a grueling process with less than savory results. After seeing your baking method I'm game to try it again. I am so amazed that you and your DH went through with the pig "graduation". You're both very kind-hearted and I don't know if I'd have had the fortitude to carry it out. Congratulations on being real farmers. You go Sassy! Work that piggy booty! Milo looks so peaceful.


One of these days, I must buy some of your lovely yarn. :)

Lee Ann

I just found out about Larry. Snif :-(

And now I'm extremely hungry. That pie looks awesome.


Poor, poor, sassy. Yummy ham.
Hey, you've been tagged.
Check out my blog for the details.


So I learned something! I did not know about preheating the pan... that's how I bake butternuts, and they always stick a bit. Love the hussy pig, poor lonely thing... you won't be munching on sausages near her will you? (I'm teasing here...no issues with raising your own meat, wish we could). And Milo is showing his slutty self-suck up for comfort for sure!


That is the cutest kitty picture!!!! Man, to be able to sleep that soundly. Now, I've gotta make a punkin' pie! MMM! I hope you don't mind, but I'm tagging you for the 8 Random Things. This is kind of like a chain letter when you pass it on and hope people don't disown you!

lynne s of oz

Wow, those are some porkers that you grew! Plus your pigs are now, umm, happy as pigs in mud!
I must try making a GF, DF pumpkin pie. I think it will be a challenge for me as I don't know what pumpkin pie is meant to be like having never had it before.
Alas poor Larry the peacock. However, he would play chicken even though he wasn't.


Wow! Sassy's a slut? Who woulda thunk it! You're going to wind up tons of pork! The pimpkins look so yummy, thanks for the fresh pumpkin how to! Rogue is looking incredible, love the color.


You did a great tutorial here on pie baking, a truly regal effort. Rogue is looking very fine too.


Thank you pumpkin queen!


I had forgot all about The Day. When I saw the words 'live weight', I had to take a moment before I went on. Honestly I don't know how I've turned in to such a wimp. My Dad was a serious hunter, trapper, fisher. I've seen plenty of skinning and gutting. But, the older I get the wimpier I get. The Sassy story is seriously entertaining-such a romantic tragedy. (Hee.) The pumpkin process looks much easier than I thought it would be. I'll be on a mission today to find a pie pumpkin.


And I *still* haven't discovered pumpkin pie in my mail box...


Aren't pumpkins amazing? As an experiment this year I planted a big squash patch (spaghetti squash and pumpkins) and left it entirely unattended all season. No watering, no weeding--nuthin.

And we had plenty of spaghetti squash and pumpkins (sheep LOVE pumpkins, btw, and the chickens adore any kind of squash), despite the horrible drought we had this summer.

So it's a great thing to plant if you have some space and don't feel like tending garden (in fact, some of the seeds were out of date). I just scraped a bit of a spot in the ground (no hills), put in 3-4 seeds, and that was it. (However, the ones planted with a sprinkle of osmocote did better than the ones we didn't fertilize)

Other than that, utter neglect did the trick and most of the weeds were dying off in time for harvest. Yay for pumpkins!

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