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Kittens are so cute
do such silly things!


If you have indoor potted plants you might want to try either spraying something around them that he won't like, or topping them with rocks so he doesn't start doing this sort of thing everywhere!

He looks so cute with the dirt on his little nose!


ok, I'll give you this much -- a second kitten would NOT help in these matters. Not. Help. At all. lol
Love the mittens! I was just thinking I have to get started on some for the kiddos.


OMG and I thought you were growing kitteh plants! Love your new mittin(s):) and baby sweater! Freakish weather you guys are having these days!


He's kind of got that "can I have a little privacy???" look on his face in the top picture. And he's so cute with the dirt on his little face.... no.... I DO NOT need a kitten!


Oh, now that's funny!




How funny! You should buy one of those "train your cat to use the toilet kits" but use dirt for the training! He'll be potty trained in no time :)


I had a kitten who did that too, but she got over it eventually. After a lot of arm-waving on my part. And probably a little screeching. And she never needed therapy because of it, either!


truly hilarious!.... and I bet he thought he was being so good.
Love the mittens too - looking forward to seeing how they look all felted


Milo does that because he was a barn cat. Spray the indoor plants with cat- be- gone or some such, and hope he gets the idea with kitty litter.


Oh, he has such a forlorn look on his face in the last picture. I think he's embarrassed to find that this wasn't the correct place and not only that, but you're blogging him!

I can't wait to see your felted mittens. They look lovely just as they are.


Holy Crap! Literally (sp?)
I've been way behind on my blog reading. Trying to catch up. That kitty is really growing and Turkey!


See this goes in the con pile of reasons to have a kitten, although seeing as I have real trouble keeping plants alive, its probably not a problem.
I like your mittens, cool colours.


It looks like a mini kitty toilet.. that way he is squatting!
Too funny.

Jenny Raye

Cute kitten, and really cute baby sweater!


Milo you are ssooooooo funny!


Bad Milo!!! And to be caught in the act too. Mimi recommends that he get his own bathroom. She has her own bathroom. Yes, a separate bathroom for the kitty cat. Hopefully, he will grow out of this wild behavior.

And cool weather will be here soon. Time for for knitting.


Oh that last pic is just hysterically cute! Makes me wish I could somehow make my guys babies again. Litter is so handy, but I can remember putting dirt in my kitty's box when I was young.

Dorothy B

Oh Lord, Milo is funny!

Your daughter looks like she is having a ball doing the Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer thing.

Love the mitten. Those will be some darn warm mitts.


I had to de-lurk to say that I feel your pain with Milo - my (now 9yr old) cat was so BAD when he was a kitten that I would often be in tears when I came home and saw what he'd been up to while I was at work. Now he's fat and so incredibly lazy that I'm not sure an earthquake would really stir him (though thunderstorms can get a bit of a rise!) Good luck!

Madame Purl

Oh my... so cute. I always say as long at G-d makes kittens I will always have a cat. Right now I have 10, but that's another story for another day. (lol)


The felted mittens really do work here in VT. I find that they actually make my hands sweat sometimes! You might want a few pairs!!!


I love Milo and all but I'm missing the peacocks, the guinea hens, goat, chickens and whatnot at your farm.....


That photo of Milo is just scandalous!LOL. It never ceases to amaze me, how cats can be caught in the act and still look at you like "what's wrong? I'm a cat, this is what I'm supposed to do." Wait until he starts hiding one of your mittens…


I want to live at your house. It's way more fun than mine!


Oh thats a lovely post - gorgeous in fact, but I am quite sure the poor little kitten was framed


To me there's nothing cuter than a kitten but THAT one is SO SO adorable!




Milo's on Cute Overload! :D

Andrea (noricum)

Congrats for getting on Cute Overload!!!! http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/09/when-nature-cal.html


So there I am, reading Cute Overload on my bloglines, and I think "I've seen that picture before"... Milo!!!

liz e

cute overload lead me here & your cat is so freakishly similar to mine!




Milo is gorgeous!


Milo really is adorable with the dirt all over his adorable kitten face!!!
Congrats for the C.O. pics!!! I hope you have enough bandwidth. LOL!!


Cute Overload dot com!!!! Congrats to Milo!!


Milo's famous! Woot!! :)


Now it's going to be impossible to live with Milo and his new found C.O. fame!


Maybe I'm too practical but I can't help but have an urge to check all the flower pots everywhere around your house for little presents...he looks awfully comfy using that one as his...facilities ;o)

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